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Guerra na Síria
23 | Dezembro | 2016

Após o agravar do conflito e da catástrofe humanitária em Alepo, o Conselho de Segurança da ONU aprovou por unanimidade uma resolução para o envio de observadores para supervisão dos planos de evacuação da região, num momento em que o debate sobre a doutrina da Responsabilidade de Proteger está na ordem do dia.

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Evolución de la batalla de Alepo
El País

Syria: UN/SARC convoy hit in Urum al-Kubra, northwest of Aleppo city [19/09/2016]
Statement by ERC Stephen O'Brien, UNOCHA

Remarks With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura at a Press Availability

U.S. State Department

Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2254 (2015), Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks
United Nations

Intra-Syrian Talks
United Nation Office at Geneva

Civil War in Syria
Global Conflict Tracker,Council on Foreign Relations

Five Years of War in Syria: What Happened and Where We Are Now
The Guardian

Syria 'truce': Who's in and who's out?[24 de Fevereiro]
Sara Fayyad and Roj Ranjbar,BBC


No peace in sight in Syria [23/12/2016]
Galip Dalay, Al Jazeera

Syrie : Alep, les leçons d’une tragédie [23/12/2016]
Marc Semo, Le Monde

Syria: What will happen if the revolution is defeated [23/12/2016]
Basheer Nafi, Middle East Eye

Why Aleppo Will Serve to Embolden Iran [21/12/2016]
Saeid Jafari, Al-Monitor

From the rubble of Aleppo, ISIL rises [21/12/2016]
Alia Brahimi, Al Jazeera

Visual propaganda on Facebook: A comparative analysis of Syrian conflicts [12/2016]
Hyunjin Seo, Husain Ebrahim, Media, War & Conflict

An Existential Battle for the Demographic Future of Syria [21/12/2016]
Harold Rhode, JCPA

Syria Will Likely Suffer As Russia Seeks Vengeance For Ambassador's Murder [20/12/2016]
Anna Borshchevskaya, New York Daily News

The Middle East After the Fall of Aleppo [20/12/2016]
Nabeel Khoury, Cairo Review

We Must Understand Syria as a Popular Struggle Despite its Complications [19/12/2016]
Joseph Daher, Muftah

La voie de l’ONU [19/12/2016]
Jean-Christophe Ploquin, La Croix

Siria, la guerra de los enigmas [18/12/2016]
Hana Jalloul Muro, El País

« Oui, on peut faire quelque chose pour la population d’Alep » [16/12/2016]
Mego Terzian, Le Monde

Syria's War: The Descent Into Horror [15/12/2016]
Zachary Laub, Council on Foreign Relations

La batalla que entierra una revolución [15/12/2016]
Luz Gómez García, El País

Aleppo’s fall is Obama’s failure [15/12/2016]
Leon Wieseltier, Washington Post

What Comes After the Bloody Battle for Aleppo? [15/12/2016]
Noah Bonsey, International Crisis Group

In Syria, Russia Acts as U.S. Pulls Back [15/12/2016]
Jay Solomon and Maria Abi-Habib

It's time we heard the truth about how ruthless Aleppo rebels shot civilians who tried to leave [14/12/2016]
Robert Fisk, Irish Independent

The rebels of Aleppo will fight on, but Assad is taking their last power base in Syria [13/12/2016]
Patrick Cockburn, Telegraph

Aleppo’s people are being slaughtered. Did we learn nothing from Srebrenica? [13/12/2016]
Nedžad Avdić, The Guardian

Governing Rojava: Layers of Legitimacy in Syria [08/12/2016]
Rana Marcel Khalaf, Chatham House

And who are we to say the Syrian revolution is dead? [08/12/2016]
Malak Chabkoun, Al Jazeera

We Are All Accomplices to the Slaughter of Aleppo [02/12/2016]
Diana Semaan, Foreign Policy

A Turning Point in Aleppo [01/12/2016]
Aron Lund, Carnegie Middle East Center

Moral Identity and Protest Cascades in Syria [11/2016]
Wendy Pearlman, British Journal of Political Science

Beginning of the End for East Aleppo [30/11/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

A Syria Policy for Trump: How Washington Can Get to a Settlement [28/11/2016]
Andrew J. Tabler and Dennis Ross, Washington Institute

Status of the Syrian Rebellion: Numbers, Ideologies, and Prospects [23/11/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Paramilitary chaos reigns in the Middle East [22/11/2016]
David Gardner, Financial Times

The Road To Ar-Raqqah: Background On The Syrian Democratic Forces
Genevieve Casagrande, ISW

Trump’s Syria Strategy Would Be a Disaster [17/11/2016]
Charles Lister, Foreign Policy

On the Bombing of Aleppo[10/11/2016]
George Soros, New York Review of Books

Assad Speaks[01/11/2016]
Dexter Filkins, New Yorker

Arrêtons la main de Poutine à Alep [27/10/2016]
AA.VV., Libération

How Far Can the Turkey-Russia Rapprochement in Syria Go?[26/10/2016]
Gönül Tol, The Middle East Institute

Bring Syria’s Assad and his backers to account now[25/10/2016]
John R. Allen and Charles Lister, Brookings

How NATO can help Syrian civilians[24/10/2016]
Daoud Kuttab, Al Jazeera

The Great Myth About U.S. Intervention in Syria[24/10/2016]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

Bring Syria’s Assad and his backers to account now[22/10/2016]
John Allen, Charles R. Lister, Washington Post

How Putin Has Helped Assad Tear Syria Apart[22/10/2016]
Shiraz Maher, New Statesman

Building Syria on the Bones of Daesh[21/10/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Defense News

The Kurds’ Proxy Trap[20/10/2016]
Ofra Bengio, The American Prospect

The Arc of History is Long, But it Bends Toward Bombing Assad[20/10/2016]
Nick Danforth, War on the Rocks

Jeu trouble de l’ONU en Syrie: L’aide humanitaire sous contrôle du regime[20/10/2016]
Marie Kostrz, Orient XXI

The Druze and Assad: Strategic Bedfellows[20/10/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Syria’s Darkest Hour[19/10/2016]
Javier Solana, Project Syndicate

Why Just Counting the Dead in Syria Won’t Bring Them Justice[19/10/2016]
Patrick Ball, Foreign Policy

How Syria Is Pushing Egypt and Iran Closer[18/10/2016]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al-Monitor

'Jund al-Aqsa', Remarkable Case on Radical Field in Syria[18/10/2016]
Mona Alami, Asharq Al-Awsat

The Regional and Domestic Political Context of the Mosul Offensive[18/10/2016]
Kirk H. Sowel, Sada

The Perplexing Problems of Solving Syria[17/10/2016]
Steven A. Cook, War on the Rocks

Syria: Dabiq and ISIL's end of times[17/10/2016]
James Denselow, Al Jazeera

America's Assad Quandary[17/10/2016]
Robert D. Kaplan, National Interest

Russia Advances its IADS in Syria[16/10/2016]
Chris Harmer and Kathleen Weinberger, ISW

Calls for prosecuting war crimes in Syria are growing. Is international justice possible? [14/10/2016]
Mark Kersten, Washington Post

Syria’s Sad Predicament [14/10/2016]
K. P. Fabian, IDSA

Clausewitz in Syria [14/10/2016]
Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

Seven Months after ‘Liberating’ Palmyra, Residents Still Cannot Return [13/10/2016]
Elizabeth Tsurkov , Mohammad Hasan al-Homsi, Atlantic Council

The West lacks the commitment to implement a no-fly zone over Syria [13/10/2016]
Tim Eaton, Prospect Magazine

The Misadventures of Russia and the United States in Syria: Complete Strategy Implosion Edition [13/10/2016]
Michael Kofman for War on the Rocks

Could the conflict in Syria lead to world war three?[08/10/2016]
Paul Wood, Spectator

Aleppo Is Obama’s Sarajevo [05/10/2016]
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Why Russia is an ally of Assad [30/09/2015]
The Economist

How should the UK respond to the crisis in Syria?[12/10/2016]
Alison McGovern, Emily Thornberry, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Rime Allaf, Peter Tatchell and Lindsey German, The Guardian

Moscou et Damas commettent des crimes de guerre : et maintenant?[12/10/2016]
Nicolas Tenzer, La Tribune

A no-fly zone for Aleppo risks a war that could engulf us all[12/10/2016]
Jonathan Steele, The Guardian

What's Really at Stake in the Syria Debate[10/10/2016]
Marc Lynch, War on the Rocks

Could the conflict in Syria lead to world war three?[08/10/2016]
Paul Wood, The Spectator

Iran’s Syria Game Plan? A Path to the Mediterranean[08/10/2016]
Martin Chulov, The Guardian

Who are Syria’s White Helmets, and why are they so controversial?[07/10/2016]
Scott Lucas, The Conversation

The Slow, Violent Fall of Eastern Aleppo[07/10/2016]
Aron Lund, Century Foundation

What If Arming Syrian Proxies Doesn’t Work?[07/10/2016]
Christopher A. Preble. National Interest

The New U.N. Secretary-General’s Biggest Priority Must Be Syria[06/10/2016]
Mark Seddon, The Guardian

Vladimir Putin, Aleppo and the Diplomatic Shambles in Syria[05/10/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

What's behind Ankara’s 'deafening silence' on Aleppo?[04/10/2016]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Syria isn’t a cold war conflict: the US and Russia can’t just fix it[04/10/2016]
Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian

Why the United States Should Exercise Restraint Before Launching A New War in Syria[03/10/2016]
Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Has Russia Found the West's Red Line in Syria?[03/10/2016]
Thanassis Cambanis, The Atlantic

What Will Year Two of Russia's Syria Intervention Bring?[30/09/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Obama's biggest geopolitical failure[01/10/2016]
The Economist

Syria after the Ceasefire[29/09/2016]
Paul Rogers, Oxford Research Group

Drop the dictator![28/09/2016]
Kristin Helberg, Qantara

The Judgment of Aleppo[27/09/2016]
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Project Syndicate

Syria: Denial as a war strategy[27/09/2016]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

A Soliloquy on Syria[25/09/2016]
Fred Hiatt, The Washington Post

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On[23/09/2016]
Mark Landler, The New York Times

The War Drags on in Syria[21/09/2016]
Soufan Group

Putin May Not Really Want a Syria Deal[19/09/2016]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Iran says US in cahoots with terrorists in Syria[19/09/2016]
Misha Zand, Al-Monitor

The U.S. and Russia are actually cooperating in Syria. Can it work?[19/09/2016]
Sara Bjerg Moller, The Washington Post

Putin’s lesson for Obama in Syria[19/09/2016]
Jackson Diehl, The Washington Post

Ceasefire terms pose major risks for Syrian rebels[16/09/2016]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

How Does the Syrian Civil War End for Hezbollah?[13/09/2016]
Benedetta Berti, FPRI

On Syria Cease-Fire, Putin and Obama Have, at Least for Now, Overlapping Interests[12/09/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

Can Anyone Stop the Syrian War?[12/09/2016]
Randa Slim, Foreign Policy

In Syria at sundown tomorrow, the US-Russia deal faces its first test[11/09/2016]
Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian

Syria Peace? Don’t Hold Your Breath[10/09/2016]
Michael Weiss, The Daily Beast

Preparing for the Day After the Syria War Settlement[09/09/2016]
Steven Metz, World Politics Review

In Syria Talks with Russia, John Kerry's Hand Is Missing a Key Card[09/09/2016]
Michael Singh, Wall Street Journal

Turkey reaches critical crossroads in Syria[09/09/2016]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

The end of a dream[08/09/2016]
Kristin Helberg, Qantara

What Is Aleppo, Gary Johnson?[08/09/2016]
David Remnick, The New Yorker

Syria's World War: How the West Let Russia & Iran Take Charge[08/09/2016]
John Jenkins, New Statesman

No going back: Why decentralisation is the future for Syria[06/09/2016]
Jihad Yazigi, ECFR

China, Central Asian states watch as US legitimizes Al Qaeda in Syria[08/2016]
Christina Lin, ISPSW

How the U.S. Can Win in Syria[02/09/2016]
Michael E. O'Hanlon, Newsweek

Why Bashar al-Assad Won't Face Justice Over Chemical Weapons Any Time Soon[02/09/2016]
Brett Edwards , Mattia Cacciatori, Newsweek

Syria's fate suspended in endless battle for Aleppo[02/09/2016]
Ali Hashem, Al Monitor

The Decay of the Syrian Regime is Much Worse Than You Think[31/08/2016]
Tobias Schneider, War on the Rocks

On Syria, the U.S. Is Watching Other Powers Act[31/08/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

U.S. Syria Policy Rests on a Treacherous Fault Line[31/08/2016]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Did US drag Turkey into 'Syrian quagmire'?[30/08/2016]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

The Disastrous Nonintervention in Syria[29/08/2016]
Anne Appelbaum, Washington Post

The Economic Devastation of Syria: Strategic Implications[29/08/2016]
Eran Yashiv, INSS

A Bad Defense for a Mistaken Policy[29/08/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Atlantic Council

The Great Game in Northern Syria[26/08/2016]
Hassan Hassan, Tahrir Institute

Syria a la Carte: Alliances Shift and Whirl[26/08/2016]
Maximilian Popp & Christoph Reuter, Spiegel

Turkey's hit list of enemies grows as Erdogan prepares to enter Syria[21/08/2016]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

The Syria "What If" That May Haunt Obama[21/08/2016]
W. Robert Pearson, RealClearWorld

Understanding the Battle for Aleppo[18/08/2016]
Entrevista a Lina Khatib, CFR

No-fly zone would prevent atrocities[18/08/2016]
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Telegraph

Vacuum Bombs in Syria: A New Means of Atrocity[18/08/2016]
Peter Lee, Newsweek

Does the U.S. Ignore Its Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria?[17/08/2016]
Chris Woods, New York Times

Aleppo: A Chance to Save US Syria Policy[15/08/2016]
Feras Hanoush, Atlantic Council

A Transformative Experience: Understanding Hezbollah's Involvement in Syria[15/08/2016]
Nadav Pollak and Hanin Ghaddar, Washington Institute

Battle for Aleppo Carries High Stakes for Syria[11/08/2016]
Yaroslav Trofimov, Wall Street Journal

Syria: Good News And Bad[11/08/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Huffington Post

Aleppo: Is the Turnaround Sustainable for the Rebels?[09/08/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Syria’s New Warlords Are Invested in Endless War[06/08/2016]
Paul Wood, The Spectator

Jabhat al-Nusra’s rebranding is more than simple name change[06/08/2016]
Mona Alami, Al Monitor

No, Aleppo Is Not the New Srebrenica[04/08/2016]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

How Syrians View Nusra’s Split from al-Qaeda[03/08/2016]
Haid Haid, Atlantic Council

Syria's Civil War Is a Post-Factual Conflict[03/08/2016]
James Denselow, Al Jazeera

U.S.-Russian cooperation in Syria can’t stop at counterterrorism[19/07/2016]
Steven Heydemann, Brookings

Closing Loopholes in the Proposed U.S.-Russian Agreement on Syria[14/07/2016]
Andrew J. Tabler, Washington Institute

Le soulèvement syrien au prisme iranien[18/04/2016]
François Burgat, Orient XXI

The Letter Urging a U.S. Rethink on Syria[18 de Junho]
Krishnadev Calamur,The Atlantic

Taking Sides: The United Nations’ Loss of Impartiality, Independence and Neutrality in Syria[Junho]
The Syria Campaign

The death of the Syria peace process[16 de Junho]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

Why Iran Still Doesn’t Trust Russia on Syria[16 de Junho]
Abbas Qaidaari, Al-Monitor

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Putin[10 de Junho]
Leon Aron,Foreign Policy

Can High-Stakes Diplomacy Save Syria’s Battered Truce? [5 de Maio]
Noah Bonsey,International Crisis Group

Syria: Chemical Weapons Briefing and Draft Resolution [5 de Maio]
What’s In Blue

Assad Uses Poison Gas Again. What is Obama Going To Do? [5 de Maio]
Elliott Abrams,Newsweek

Waiting for Moscow [5 de Maio]
Alex Rowell,NOW

The Regional Dimensions of the Destruction in Aleppo [4 de Maio]
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, Asharq Al Awsat

Syria – What is Russia up to Now? [4 de Maio]
Eyad Abu Shakra, Asharq Al Awsat

Al Qaeda Is About to Establish an Emirate in Syria [4 de Maio]
Charles Lister,Foreign Policy

Aleppo's reckoning [3 de Maio]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

Saving the Ceasefire, Moving Forward [3 de Maio]
Frederic C. Hof,Atlantic Council

Syria And The Holocaust: Putting 'Never Again' To The Test [3 de Maio]
Robert Satloff,Washington Post

Russia and the US can deliver peace in Syria [2 de Maio]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

What We Lose as the Cease-Fire Collapses [29 de Abril]
Entrevista a Kenan Rahmani,Syria Deeply

The Syrian Opposition’s Coming Challenges [29 de Abril]
Yezid Sayigh,Al-Hayat

Syrian Political Transition: Are the Rules Being Bent? [29 de Abril]
Frederic C. Hof,Atlantic Council

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Attack on hospital in Aleppo [28 de Abril]
UN Secretary-General

Who Sent Iranian Army Green Berets to Syria? [28 de Abril]
Abbas Qaidaari,Al-Monitor

The Danger of Chemical Weapons in Syria [28 de Abril]
Oliver Meier,SWP

The Latest Aleppo Battle May Give The Islamic State Another Reprieve [27 de Abril]
Fabrice Balanche,Washington Institute

Becoming your worst enemy [26 de Abril]
Haid Haid,NOW

The new UN consensus on Syria: Israel must pay! [26 de Abril]
Benny Avni,New York Post

Step by step, we are sleepwalking back to Assad's Syria [25 de Abril]
Faisal Al Yafai,The National

Frozen Life in Wartime Syria [23 de Abril]
Janine Di Giovanni,New York Times

A Million Ways to Die in Syria [22 de Abril]
Debarati Guha-Sapir,Project Syndicate

Red Line Revisited: The Costs And Benefits Of Not Striking Syria [22 de Abril]
Michael Singh,Wall Street Journal

Europe must take lead on protecting Syrian civilians [22 de Abril]
Frederic C. Hof,EUobserver

Europe flip flops on Bashar Al Assad’s future[20 de Abril]
Michael Young,The National

At What Point is a Cessation of Hostilities Broken? [19 de Abril]
Faysal Itani and Hossam Abouzahr,Atlantic Council

Behind the Syrian violence – the peaceful town of Al Qaryatayn[19 de Abril]
Emma Loosley,The Conversation

Opportunity in a-Raqqa: A Case Study on Shaping the Future of Syria[18 de Abril]
Udi Dekel,INSS

The Assad Files[18 de Abril]
Ben Taub,New Yorker

Syria's Future: A Black Hole of Instability[17 de Abril]
Thanassis Cambanis,New York Times

Saving Syria's ceasefire[15 de Abril]
Julien Barnes-Dacey,ECFR

Syrian Civil War: Negotiating in bad faith [13 de Abril]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

Deciphering the Syrian Peace Process[Fevereiro]
Democracy Reporting International

The Ceasefire in Syria: Behind the Scenes and Current Implications[11 de Março]
Zvi Magen, Udi Dekel, and Vera Michlin,INSS

Russia’s costly success in Syria[11 de Março]
Mark N. Katz,The Arab Weekly

It’s Time to Seriously Consider Partitioning Syria[10 de Março]
James Stavridis,Foreign Policy

US secretly backs federal future, say Syria's Kurds[10 de Março]
Wladimir van Wilgenburg,Middle East Eye

The Israeli Perspective on Safe Zones in Syria[10 de Março]
Nadav Pollak,Washington Institute

Truce Tests Relations Between Islamist Giants[9 de Março]
Aron Lund,Syria Deeply

Let the Syrian hostilities begin again at Geneva[9 de Março]
Chris Doyle,Al Arabiya

Bosnia as a Model for Securing Syria[9 de Março]
Edward P. JosephMichael O'Hanlon,National Interest

Is there any hope for a peaceful result to the Geneva talks on Syria?[8 de Março]
Emre Turkut and Salih Dogan,Open Democracy

A Safe Zone In Southern Syria[8 de Março]
David Schenker and Andrew J. Tabler,Washington Institute

Meanwhile, in Syria...[8 de Março]
Adam Garfinkle,American Interest

Protests Sweep across Syria During Ceasefire[8 de Março]
Saleem Al-Omar,Atlantic Council

Now Is the Time for U.S. Boots in Syria[7 de Março]
Frederic Hof,Newsweek

Fragiles jours de trêve à Alep[7 de Março]
Henri Mamarbachi,Orient XXI

Decentralization for Peace in Turkey, Iraq & Syria?[7 de Março]
Aydın Selcen,Turkish Policy Quarterly

A Truce in Syria?[7 de Março]
Dexter Filkins,New Yorker

There's No Will in Washington to Own Syria[7 de Março]
Aaron David Miller,RealClearWorld

What Next for Syria?[4 de Março]
Yezid Sayigh,Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Syria’s Kurds can’t play a double game indefinitely[3 de Março]
Alan Philps,The National

Syria after the Ceasefire[1 de Março]
Stephen Zunes,Boston Review

Les calculs de la Russie à l’heure du cessez-le-feu en Syrie[1 de Março]
Alain Gresh,Orient XXI

Iran’s Diplomatic Dance on Syria[1 de Março]
Reese Erlich,Foreign Policy

Don’t Sacrifice Turkey to Save Syria[29 de Fevereiro]
Jean-Marie Guéhenno,The Guardian

“Irán ha tenido un enfoque constructivo en el diálogo sirio”[29 de Fevereiro]
Entrevista A Staffan De Mistura,El País

Staffan de Mistura: a ‘chronic optimist’ takes on Syria (part 2)[29 de Fevereiro]
Sarah Frankel,The Strategist

The Road to Geneva: the Who, When, and How of Syria’s Peace Talks[29 de Janeiro]
Aron Lund,Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Cessation of Hostilities: So Far, So Good[29 de Fevereiro]
Frederic C. Hof,Atantic Council

Russia and the Regime’s War on Civilians in Deir Ezzor[29 de Fevereiro]
Fikram,Atantic Council

The siege of Sarajevo has lessons for Syria today[28 de Fevereiro]
Faisal Al Yafai,The National

Russia is on the ground. Who cares? The West?[28 de Fevereiro]
Gökhan Bacik,Today’s Zaman

Syria ceasefire is impaired by opposition's pathologies[27 de Fevereiro]
Geoffrey Aronson,Al Jazeera

A Kurdish Convergence in Syria[26 de Fevereiro]
Michael Cruickshank and Gissur Simonarson,New York Times

Kerry Neither Rules Out Nor Supports Safe Zone Concept[26 de Fevereiro]
James F. Jeffrey,Washington Institute

Syrie : que font les diplomates?[25 de Fevereiro]
Alain Frachon,Le Monde

Does Obama Want to Carve Up Syria?[25 de Fevereiro]
Michael Weiss,The Daily Beast

No Easy Fix for Syria[25 de Fevereiro]
Mark Galeott,The Moscow Times

How to Discuss a Syria Cease-Fire in Russian[25 de Fevereiro]
Michele A. Berdy,The Moscow Times

How to Bog Down Putin in Syria[24 de Fevereiro]
Seth G. Jones,Wall Street Journal

Will a ceasefire in Syria hold? – video[24 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV.,Al Jazeera

Despite skepticism, Syrian cease-fire may have a chance[24 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam & Dan Perry,Today’s Zaman

Why Moscow Holds the Cards in Syria[24 de Fevereiro]
Julien Barnes-Dacy and Jeremy Shapiro,Politico Magazine

Room For Debate: Are Kurds Allies or Obstacles in Syria?[24 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV., The New York Times

Ceasefire and Elections in Syria: Putin Still a Step Ahead[23 de Fevereiro]
Fabrice Balanche,Washington Institute for Near East Policy

The Thugs of War in Syria[23 de Fevereiro]
Mona Christophersen,Global Observatory

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad Are Running U.S. Syria Policy[23 de Fevereiro]
Peter Rough,National Review

A ceasefire in Syria is pure fantasy[23 de Fevereiro]
Luke Coffey,Al Jazeera

Syria: Briefings by the head of OCHA and the Special Envoy[23 de Fevereiro]
What's in Blue

Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in Syria[23 de Fevereiro]
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,Politico Magazine

El Asad: “Hay 80 países que apoyan a los grupos terroristas en Siria”[22 de Fevereiro]
Entrevista a Bashar Al Assad,El País

Saving Syria at the 11th Hour[22 de Fevereiro]
David Rothkopf,Foreign Policy

Can Ankara's Plans Keep Up With Syria's Escalation? [22 de Fevereiro]
Metin Gurcan,Al-Monitor

It's time to get serious about Syria[22 de Fevereiro]
Michael O'Hanlon,Brookings

Is There Action the U.S. Should Take in Syria?[22 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV.,The New York Times

Safety First in Syria[19 de Fevereiro]
Anna Borshchevskaya,Foreign Policy

The Syria Paradigm: New Approaches Needed for New Type of Conflict[19 de Fevereiro]
Steven Metz,World Politics Review

The Syrian Conflict Has Reached a Critical Moment[19 de Fevereiro]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

How the Kurds Became Syria’s New Power Brokers[19 de Fevereiro]
Amberin Zaman,Foreign Policy

U.S. Scrambles to Hold Anti-Islamic State Coalition Together[19 de Fevereiro]
Eli Lake and Josh Rogin,Bloomberg View

De la négociation et de la guerre en Syrie: À quoi sert la diplomatie[18 de Fevereiro]
Bertrand Badie,Orient XXI

Lessons From Munich: We Need Cooperation, Not Confrontation[18 de Fevereiro]
Igor Ivanov,Moscow Times

The Media Are Misleading the Public on Syria[18 de Fevereiro]
Stephen Kinzer,The Boston Globe

Putin’s blank check in Syria[17 de Fevereiro]
David Braha,Jerusalem Post

Russia's Grim Pattern In Syria[16 de Fevereiro]
Dennis Ross,Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Plan B in Syria[16 de Fevereiro]
Jamal Khashoggi,Al Arabiya

La cuenta pendiente de los kurdos[16 de Fevereiro]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

Extremism the biggest winner in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Lina Khatib,Gulf News

There will be no 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Sharif Nashashibi,Middle East Eye

After the Geneva Talks: Re-setting U.S. Strategy for Western Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Ilan Goldenberg, Nicholas A. Heras, and Paul Scharre,War on the Rocks

Barack Obama's policy on Syria has been a complete and utter failure
[15 de Fevereiro]
Rupert Cornwell,The Independent

Aleppo offensive exposes shortcomings of Iran's strategy in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Mahan Abedin,Middle East Eye

The ‘Battle for Syria’: its challenges and consequences: part (3)[15 de Fevereiro]
Robert Olson, Today’s Zaman

A Syria without Syrians[14 de Fevereiro]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

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‘We’re not in perfect control’: U.S. plans operation against Islamic State in Syria despite obstacles [31/10/2016]
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How Syria Became the New Global War [11/10/2016]
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Un médico de Alepo denuncia a Rusia ante la Corte Europea de Derechos Humanos por el bombardeo de hospitales[13/10/2016]

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UN Syria envoy: Jabhat al-Nusra holding Aleppo ‘hostage’[09/10/2016]
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Little consensus within administration on how to stop fall of Aleppo to Assad[08/10/2016]
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In Fight for Aleppo, Tangled Alliances in Syria Add to Chaos[07/10/2016]
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Russia Strongly Warns U.S. Against Striking Syrian Army [07/10/2016]
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Aleppo May Be 'Totally Destroyed' in Two Months [06/10/2016]
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U.S. abandons efforts to work with Russia on Syria[03/10/2016]
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Nusra Front Says Drone Killed a Senior Leader in Syria[03/10/2016]
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More than 80% of UN aid convoys in Syria blocked or delayed[30/09/2016]
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Sectarian fighters mass for battle to capture east Aleppo[29/09/2016]
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Russia says it would support 48-hour truce in Syria's Aleppo[29/09/2016]
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Moscow vows no letup in Syria offensive; U.S. searches for response[29/09/2016]

Un conflit sans horizon en Syrie[28/09/2016]
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Estados Unidos amenaza con romper el diálogo con Rusia sobre Siria[28/09/2016]
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Syrian army, insurgents in fierce clashes in southwest Aleppo[28/09/2016]

Syrian troops advance in central Aleppo near old quarter[27/09/2016]
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Push to Sanction Syria for Using Chemical Weapons Hits Russian Resistance[27/09/2016]
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Kerry defends diplomacy as Russian-backed forces pound Aleppo[26/09/2016]

U.S. Acuses Russia of ‘Barbarism’ and War Crimes in Syria[26/09/2016]
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Syrian Regime's New Offensive To Capture Aleppo Targets Rebel-Held Areas[23/09/2016]
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UN Resumes Syria Aid Delivery After Attack[22/09/2016]
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U.S., Russia Try to Save Cease-Fire in Syria[21/09/2016]
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Obama Administration Considers Arming Syrian Kurds Against ISIS[21/09/2016]
Eric Schmitt, The New York Times

US, UN say Syria cease-fire 'not dead' after strike on aid convoy[20/09/2016]
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Syria conflict: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit[20/09/2016]

Syria: Deadly aid convoy bombing as ceasefire ends[20/09/2016]
Al Jazeera

U.N. suspends aid convoys in Syria after hit, ICRC warns on impact[20/09/2016]
Stephanie Nebehay and Tom Miles, Reuters

Lebanon positions itself as hub for Syrian reconstruction[19/09/2016]
Scott Preston, Al-Monitor

Syria Cease-Fire Falters as International Support Group Meets for Crisis Talks[19/09/2016]
Felicia Schwartz, Wall Street Journal

Syria's military declares end of cease-fire with rebels; aid convoy is shelled[19/09/2016]
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U.S. May Have Killed Prisoners, Not Troops, in Syria Strike [19/09/2016]
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Syria Truce Hangs in the Balance Amid Attacks, Lack of Aid [19/09/2016]
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Would decentralizing Syria offer a path to peace? [17/09/2016]
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More than a million people still under siege in Syria, says report [13/09/2016]
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Syria Is Calmer but Cautious as Cease-Fire Begins [13/09/2016]
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Israeli aircraft attack Syrian army position, Israel denies any shot down [13/09/2016]

Syrian rebels agree to ceasefire, but not without reservations [13/09/2016]
Gretel Kauffman, CS Monitor

Pentagon confirms Islamic State leader was killed in Aug. 30 air strike [12/09/2016]

Doubts, concerns greet Syria cease-fire deal as violence surges [10/09/2016]
Liz Sly and Karen DeYoung, Washington Post

Deadly Airstrikes Follow Cease-Fire Agreement in Syria [10/09/2016]
Noam Raydan, Wall Street Journal

U.S., Russia Seal Cease-Fire, New Military Partnership [10/09/2016]
Bradley Klapper & Jamey Keaten, Real Clear World

In Aleppo, a potential turning point for Syria [08/09/2016]
Howard LaFranchi, CS Monitor

Key Erdogan Ally Calls For U.S.-Turkey ‘Joint Operation’ in Syria [08/09/2016]
Guy Taylor, The Washington Times

US should accept Russian offer to coordinate strikes on Jabhat al-Nusra [22/05/2016]
Al Monitor

Multiple bomb blasts in Syrian cities kill at least 43 [05/09/2016]
Albert Aji, Associated Press

La Turquie annonce que sa frontière avec la Syrie est débarrassée de Daech [05/09/2016]

Unrest Grows Among Druze in Syria’s Sweida [01/09/2016]
Tom Rollins, Syria Deeply

The World May Never Know if Syria Really Destroyed All Its Chemical Weapons [31/08/2016]
Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Attaques chimiques en Syrie : Londres et Paris réclament des sanctions de l’ONU, Moscou s’oppose [31/08/2016]
Le Monde

Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria [30/08/2016]
Eric Schmitt and Anne Barnard, New York Times

Syrian rebels make gains in northern Hama province, capture strategic town [30/08/2016]

'Window closing' on US-Russia deal on Syria [30/08/2016]
Laura Rozen, Al Monitor

Turkey's push into Syria: Even limited objectives carry risk of backlash [30/08/2016]
Scott Peterson, CS Monitor

Clashes subside in Syria between Turkish, Kurdish forces [30/08/2016]
Sarah El Deeb and Dusan Stojanovic, Associated Press

How the UN Pays Tens of Millions to Assad Regime [29/08/2016]
Nick Hopkins and Emma Beals, Guardian

In Syria, Rebels Threaten Kurdish-Controlled Territory as U.S. Allies Clash [29/08/2016]
Anne Barnard, New York Times

A glimmer of a chance for a settlement in Syria? [23/08/2016]
Jonathan Marcus, BBC

Turkey strikes IS in Syria as tensions rise over border town [23/08/2016]
Suzan Fraser, Associated Press

Russia ceases using airbase in Iran for Syria strikes 'for now' [22/08/2016]
Gretel Kauffman, CS Monitor

One year on, Russia's war in Syria is hardly a 'quagmire' [22/08/2016]
Howard LaFranchi, CS Monitor

Photos show IS militants fleeing Manbij with 'human shields' [19/08/2016]

U.N. Syria Envoy Pauses Humanitarian Task Force Amid Fighting [18/08/2016]
Jamey Keaten, Associated Press

Syrian planes bomb Kurdish-held city: militia, Observatory [18/08/2016]

Almost 18,000 died in Syria's prisons: Amnesty [18/08/2016]
Al Jazeera

Russia Launches Second Syria Bombing Raid from Iran [17/08/2016]

Russia Deploys Air Force in Iran For Syria Airstrikes [16/08/2016]
Damien Sharkov, Newsweek

Kurd Political Arrests in Syria Spark Internal Dispute [16/08/2016]

War of attrition: The Syrian rebellion grinds on into its 6th year, with no end in sight [11/08/2016]
Jonathan Spyer, Jerusalem Post

Fighting in Aleppo persists despite Russia ceasefire announcement: rebels [11/08/2016]

Aleppo doctors appeal to US as violence continues during Russian 'pause' [11/08/2016]
The Guardian

Syria's civil war: Suspected chemical attack in Aleppo [11/08/2016]
Al Jazeera

Russia announces daily ceasefires in Syria's Aleppo to let in aid [10/08/2016]

Syria’s rebels unite to break Assad’s siege of Aleppo [06/08/2016]
The Guardian

Military Success in Syria Gives Putin Upper Hand in U.S. Proxy War [06/08/2016]
Mark Mazzetti, Anne Barnard and Eric Schmitt, New York Times

Turkey calls for new round of Syria talks in Geneva [05/08/2016]

Danish Warplanes Drop First Bombs Against ISIS in Syria [05/08/2016]
Daily Star

A Farewell to Aleppo [05/08/2016]
Julian Reichelt, Politico EU 

Aleppo Siege: Russia Claims Rebels Used ‘Toxic Gas’ in Battle for Syria’s Second City
Conor Gaffey, Newsweek

ISILKnows It Will Lose, Already Shifting Strategy, Obama Says at Pentagon  [04/08/2016]
Jim Garamone, US Defense Department

6 hospitals in Aleppo, Syria bombed in 1 week, rights group says [04/08/2016]
Amy R. Connolly, UPI

Battle for Aleppo a Pivotal Moment For Besieged Residents [03/08/2016]
Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press

Pro-Government Forces Advance in Syria Amid Talk of U.S.-Russia Cooperation [16/07/2016]
Anne Barnard and Karam Shoumali, New York Times

Pro-Regime Forces Close Main Opposition Supply Route to Aleppo City [15/07/2016]
Christopher Kozak with Genevieve Casagrande, ISW

L’utilisation d’armes à sous-munitions en Syrie trahie par la télévision russe [20 de Junho]
Le Monde

Dozens of U.S. Diplomats, in Memo, Urge Strikes Against Syria's Assad [16 de Junho]
Mark Landler,New York Times

UN: ISIL committing genocide against Yazidis [16 de Junho]
Al Jazeera

Russia Says 48-Hour Truce Reached In Syria's Aleppo [16 de Junho]
Associated Press

Kerry tells Russia US patience on Syria 'very limited' [15 de Junho]
Al Jazeera

Syrians fight Jabhat al-Nusra with cameras, social media [13 de Junho]
Asaad Hanna,Al Monitor

IS blows up Syria gas field causing 4.4 magnitude blast [17 de Maio]
Middle East Eye

Syrian rebels fear assault on besieged Daraya as residents starve [17 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi and Lisa Barrington,Reuters

Réunion à Vienne pour relancer un cessez-le-feu en Syrie [16 de Maio]

Belgium to Begin Air Strikes Against ISIL in Syria [16 de Maio]
Hurriyet Daily News

Wave of Iranian Volunteer Soldiers in Syria Causing Further Destabilization [15 de Maio]
The Tower

Russia moves to check Iran’s power in Syria [15 de Maio]
Jumana Al-Tamimi,Gulf News

Al Qaeda Turns to Syria, With a Plan to Challenge ISIS [15 de Maio]
Eric Schmitt,New York Times

La guerra amenaza con generalizarse ante la fragilidad de la tregua en Siria [15 de Maio]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

How Russia Allowed Its Radicals to Go and Fight in Syria [13 de Maio]
Maria Tsvetkova,Reuters

Syria aid convoy denied entry to besieged suburb of Darayya [13 de Maio]

Hezbollah Says Badreddine Was Killed in an Attack in Syria [13 de Maio]
New York Times

Air raids on Syria's Aleppo as end of cease-fire nears [9 de Maio]
Associated Press

Qaeda Backs Nusra Front on Establishing a Caliphate in Syria [9 de Maio]
Nazeer Rida,Asharq Al Awsat

Report: Russia establishes military base in Palmyra, after driving ISIS out of the city [9 de Maio]
Maayan Groisman,Jerusalem Post

Syrian prisoners in deal to end mutiny: rights activists [8 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi,Reuters

Rebel Rocket Fire Kills 3 Civilians in Syria's Aleppo
[8 de Maio]

Syria conflict: Air strike on refugee camp 'could be war crime'
 [6 de Maio]

Islamist Rebels Seize Village Near Aleppo, 73 Killed: Monitor  [6 de Maio]
New York Times

Aleppo cease-fire: In US talk of Syria deadlines, Russia hears an 'or else' (+video)  [5 de Maio]
Fred Weir,CS Monitor

Fresh strikes around Syria's Aleppo despite ceasefire  [5 de Maio]
Al Jazeera

Syria rebels target Druze border village  [5 de Maio]
Albin Szakola,NOW

Truce takes hold in Aleppo but fighting goes on elsewhere in Syria  [5 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi,Reuters

Partial Truce in Syria Is Said to Extend to Aleppo  [5 de Maio]
Anne Barnard,New York Times

U.N. Envoy Warns of New Refugee Wave From Syria  [4 de Maio]
Anton Troianovski,The Wall Street Journal

After Weeks of Bloodletting, U.S. Reaches Deal on Ceasefire in Aleppo  [4 de Maio]
John Hudson, Colum Lynch,Foreign Policy

UN warns of war crimes over Aleppo carnage  [4 de Maio]
Yahoo News

Syria conflict: 'Dozens killed' in Aleppo battle  [4 de Maio]

UN Envoy Wants Syrian Cease-fire 'Back on Track'  [3 de Maio]
Luis Ramires,Voice of America

Isis jihadi who recruited 'hundreds' of UK fighters 'killed in Syria'  [3 de Maio]
Samuel Osborne,The Independent

'3 dead, 17 wounded by rebel fire' on hospital in Syria's Aleppo  [3 de Maio]
Daily Star

Violence in Syria’s Aleppo kills more than a dozen people  [3 de Maio]
Bassem Mroue,Washington Post

IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants  [3 de Maio]
Sky News

Turkish military returns fire into Syria after rockets hit border town again -security sources  [3 de Maio]
Daily Star

Wartime Damascus Preserves Tenuous Air of Normalcy Amid Syria's Ruin  [3 de Maio]
Declan Walsh,New York Times

Syrian Ceasefire: Russia To Meet United Nations Envoy As Airstrikes Hit Aleppo  [2 de Maio]
Lydia Tomkiw,International Business Times

Talks on Syria Seek to Extend Fragile Truce to Aleppo  [2 de Maio]
Anne Barnard and Sewell Chan,New York Times

Syria: Aleppo on the brink of humanitarian disaster [28 de Abril]

20 civilians killed in Aleppo, as UN urges Syria ceasefire to be 'revitalised'  [28 de Abril]
Middle East Eye

U.S.-Russia cooperation frays as Syria truce falls apart  [27 de Abril]
Karen DeYoung,Washington Post

Russia wants more details about U.S. special forces deployment in Syria  [27 de Abril]

Aid Enters Besieged Central Syria Town, Says Red Cross  [27 de Abril]

Russia asks UN to blacklist 2 powerful Syrian rebel groups  [27 de Abril]
Edith M. Lederer,Associated Press

UN Envoy Appeals to US, Russia to Help Syria Peace Talk  [27 de Abril]
New York Times

What 250 more Special Forces in Syria can do  [25 de Abril]
Anna Mulrine,C.S. Monitor

Obama announces an additional 250 special operations forces to Syria  [25 de Abril]
Barbara Starr and Kevin Liptak,CNN

Regime Officials Meet Kurds in Bid to Quell Syria Clashes  [23 de Abril]

IS tightens noose on regime enclave in eastern Syria  [20 de Abril]
Middle East Online

Documents show Assad link to atrocities against opponents [19 de Abril]
Irish Times

Syria violence escalates as peace talks stall [19 de Abril]
Middle East Online

Syria Regime Says Open to Talks on 'Broader Unity Government' [19 de Abril]

Syrian army mounts attack in northwest, Idlib bombarded [19 de Abril]

Syria Cease-Fire Falters as U.S.-Backed Rebels Attack, Citing Assad Violations [19 de Abril]
Guy Taylor,The Washington Times

Syrian opposition postpones participation in peace talks [18 de Abril]
The Guardian

Iran Ramping up Proxy Forces in Syria [18 de Abril]
Heshmat Alavi,Middle East Online

Syrian rebels declare new battle against government [18 de Abril]

Eighteen Kurdish militants killed trying to flee into Syria: Turkish security sources [18 de Abril]

Syria Opposition Threatens to Quit Peace Talks amid Aleppo Bloodshed [17 de Abril]

Iran's Soleimani in Russia for Talks on Syria, Missiles [15 de Abril]
Lidia Kelly and Parisa Hafezi,Reuters

Fighting Surges in Syria amid Apparent Collapse of Truce [14 de Abril]
Zakaria Zakaria and Hugh Naylor,Washington Post

IS Seizes Syria Villages near Turkish Border [14 de Abril]

More shelling in Syria's Aleppo mars peace talks in Geneva [14 de Abril]
Bassem Mroue,Associated Press

Battle lines shift in northern Syria [13 de Abril]
Kamal Sheikho,Al Monitor

As new round of talks begins, UN envoy for Syria says cessation of hostilities must ‘continue to give hope’ [13 de Abril]
UN News Centre

Fragile Syria cease-fire under strain [12 de Abril]
Laura Rozen,Al Monitor

U.S. Readies ‘Plan B’ to Arm Syria Rebels [12 de Abril]
Adam Entous,Wall Street Journal

Aleppo sees cautious calm amid cease-fire [8 de Abril]
Al Monitor

Rebels drop leaflets over Syrian capital from drones  [4 de Abril]

Russia expects Syrian government to attend Geneva peace talks next week [11 de Março]
Radio Free Europe

Fifth year of war 'worst yet' for Syrians: NGOs [11 de Março]
Daily Star

Syrian army aims for eastward advance with Palmyra attack [11 de Março]
Daily Star

Splitting of Syria will trigger a regional bloodbath [11 de Março]
Khalil Hamlo and Ed Blanche,The Arab Weekly

Syrian economy will take decades to recover from war [11 de Março]
Walid Khadduri,The Arab Weekly

Syrian Peace Talks to Start on Monday [10 de Março]
Fatah Al-Rahman Youssef,Asharq Al Awsat

Syria's domestic opposition to boycott parliamentary vote: statemen [10 de Março]
Daily Star

Key powers mulling possibility of federal division of Syria [10 de Março]
Louis Charbonneau,Reuters

Insurgents in Syria attack government positions [10 de Março]

ISIL commander Omar Al Shishani ‘survived US strike’ [10 de Março]
The National

UN sees no halt in Syria truce, talks to run to March 24 [9 de Março]
The Daily Star

Syrian peace talks: release of political prisoners is next hurdle [9 de Março]
The Guardian

Syrian army retakes village in Aleppo province from Islamists: monitor [9 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Syrian army retakes village in Aleppo province from Islamists: monitor [8 de Março]

Syria opposition agrees to attend Geneva peace talks [7 de Março]
Daily Star

U.S. Denies Building Air Bases in Northern Syria [7 de Março]

US ‘builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria’ [7 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Anti-Assad Syrian Protesters Take to Streets during Lull in Airstrikes [7 de Março]
Anne Barnard,New York Times

Russia to Open Its Syria Bases to International Aid Cargos [7 de Março]
New York Times

Turkish PM backs building refugee city in N.Syria [6 de Março]
Anadolu Agency

Syria Rebels Take Border Crossing from IS [5 de Março]

Syrian rebel group says government mobilizing to take more areas [4 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Jets strike east Damascus for 1st time since truce [4 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Assad miffs opposition, Russians with call for elections [4 de Março]
Mustafa al-Haj,Al Monitor

Syrians Use Truce to Resume Friday Protests [4 de Março]

Hardline Syrian rebel group says fighting has not stopped [4 de Março]
Daily Star

Europe leaders tell Putin Syria truce must hold to spur peace talks: Cameron [4 de Março]

Syria cease-fire a welcome humanitarian respite, but at a cost (+video) [3 de Março]
Howard LaFranchi,CS Monitor

Syria army opens new battle with rebels in northwest [2 de Março]
Daily Star

TIMELINE: Key players reflect on US policy in Syria [2 de Março]
Julian Pecquet,Al Monitor

Should armed groups allied with al-Qaeda be included in Syria peace talks?  [31 de Janeiro]
Al Monitor  

CNN exclusive: In rebel-held Aleppo, residents suspect Syria truce a trick [29 de Fevereiro]
Clarissa Ward and Susannah Cullinane,CNN

Syria ceasefire task force meets, France wants answers on violations [29 de Fevereiro]
John Irish and Stephanie Nebehay,Reuters

Syria conflict: UN steps up aid deliveries as truce holds [29 de Fevereiro]

El régimen y la oposición siria se acusan de violar la tregua [29 de Fevereiro]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

Syrian war: UN to expand aid amid partial truce [29 de Fevereiro]

Blame-trading tests Syria's fragile truce [29 de Fevereiro]
Daily Times

Syria's war liberates Kurdish women as it oppresses others [28 de Fevereiro]
Benedetta Argentieri,Reuters

En Syrie, une trêve « globalement respectée » malgré des bombardements non identifiés [28 de Fevereiro]
Le Monde

Air strikes hit six towns in Syria's Aleppo day after truce: monitor [28 de Fevereiro]

Guns fall silent in Syria [28 de Fevereiro]
Tom Perry And Mariam Karouny,Reuters

Syria conflict: Key moments to date [27 de Fevereiro]

Al-Nusra Front Chief Urges Rejection of Syria Ceasefire [26 de Fevereiro]

Syria conflict: Russia 'steps up air strikes' ahead of truce [26 de Fevereiro]

La cessation des hostilités en Syrie peut-elle tenir?  [26 de Fevereiro]
Le Monde

Air Strikes Batter Rebels ahead of Syria Ceasefire Deadline [26 de Fevereiro]

Syrian opposition accepts ceasefire for 'two weeks' [25 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

U.N. to announce new round of Syria talks: envoy
[25 de Fevereiro]
Tom Miles,Reuters

Syrian army recaptures town in Aleppo province from IS group [25 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam,Associated Press

Questions remain as Syria ceasefire implementation approaches [25 de Fevereiro]
Middle East Online

Syria: Under Russia's fist [25 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Syria conflict: UN Deir al-Zour aid air-drop ‘off target’ [25 de Fevereiro]

Turkey says Syria ceasefire is not binding if it threatens security [25 de Fevereiro]
Daily Star

Syria truce must cut aid to terrorists: Iran's president [24 de Fevereiro]
Press TV

Syria Army Excludes Rebel Town near Capital from Truce [24 de Fevereiro]

ISIS attacks spike in Syria with help from Russian air cover, report says [24 de Fevereiro]
Thomas Gibbons-Neff,New York Times

Pentagon, CIA Chiefs Skeptical of Syria Cease-Fire [24 de Fevereiro]
Adam Entous,The Wall Street Journal

Syria Army Excludes Rebel Town near Capital from Truce [24 de Fevereiro]

Russian leader pushes Syria truce deal amid skepticism [24 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam,Associated Press

Erdoğan says Kurdish YPG should be excluded from Syria cease-fire [24 de Fevereiro]
Today's Zaman

ISIS tightens grip on Syrian govt road to Aleppo [24 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

U.N. Aid Convoys Head to Two Syrian Besieged Towns [23 de Fevereiro]

Syrian government agrees to 'cessation of hostilities' plan [23 de Fevereiro]
Patrick Wintour,The Guardian

U.S.-Russia Deal on Partial Truce in Syria Raises More Doubt than Optimism [23 de Fevereiro]
Mark Landler,New York Times

Assad Sets April 13 Parliamentary Elections
[23 de Fevereiro]

Margallo: “El Asad debe estar en la negociación, pero no en la solución” [22 de Fevereiro]
Miguel González, El País

U.S. and Russia Near Deal on Partial Truce in Syria, Kerry Says [22 de Fevereiro]
David E. Sanger,The New York Times

Hizbullah Founder Criticizes Its Intervention in Syria [21 de Fevereiro]
Maayan Groisman,Jerusalem Post

Kerry arrives in Jordan to discuss Syrian civil war, battle with ISIS [20 de Fevereiro]
Carol Morello,Washington Post

Aleppo rebels unite under former Ahrar al-Sham commander [16 de Fevereiro]
Middle East Eye

United Nations Envoy Holds Talks with Assad Government in Damascus [16 de Fevereiro]
Karen Leigh in Dubai and Thomas Grove,Wall Street Journal

Russia rejects Syria war crimes claim over hospital attacks [16 de Fevereiro]

Germany's Merkel backs no-fly zone in Syria [16 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

The Latest: Turkey calls for ground operations in Syria [16 de Fevereiro]

Turkey shells Kurdish-held air base in Syria's Aleppo [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia launches military exercise with 20 nations [15 de Fevereiro]
Faith Karimi,CNN

The Growing Intensity of Turkey's Civil War [15 de Fevereiro]
Katrin Kuntz, Onur Burçak Belli and Emin Oezmen,Der Spiegel

Is Saudi Arabia wavering on sending troops to Syria?  [15 de Fevereiro]
Bamzi Banchiri,CS Monitor

EU sees no new Cold War signs with Russia [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

Kurdish fighters 'carry out ethnic cleansing' in Syria [15 de Fevereiro]
Umut Uras,Al Jazeera

Syria calls on UN to condemn Turkish attacks on Kurds [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Syria Employing Ethnic Cleansing of Sunnis [15 de Fevereiro]
Ariel Ben Solomon,Jerusalem Post

A Picture in Words From a Syrian Officer, Then Nothing [15 de Fevereiro]
Anne Barnard and Hwaida Saad,New York Times

La reunión de Múnich evidencia la fragilidad del plan de tregua en Siria [14 de Fevereiro]
Luis Doncel,El País

Syria: Turkey and Saudi Arabia consider ground campaign following border strikes [14 de Fevereiro]
The Guardian

Saudi fighter jets deployed to Turkey's Incirlik base [14 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Israel skeptical of Syria ceasefire, eyes partition [14 de Fevereiro]
Ynet news

Turkish PM confirms shelling of Kurdish forces in Syria [13 de Fevereiro]
The Guardian

Kalibr Missile Shooter Heading to Mediterranean Sea [13 de Fevereiro]
7 Feet Beneath the Keel

Amid peace talks, Is the military situation in Syria escalating?  [13 de Fevereiro]
Christina Beck,CS Monitor

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister is defending his country's foreign policy and its actions in Yemen and Syria, insisting that the kingdom has no ambitions beyond its borders [12 de Fevereiro]
US News

U.S., Russia and Other Powers Agree on ‘Cessation of Hostilities’ in Syria [12 de Fevereiro]
Karen DeYoung,The Washington Post

Why the US is skeptical of Saudi involvement in Syria [12 de Fevereiro]
Bamzi Banchiri,CS Monitor

Russia raises specter of interminable or 'world war' if Syria talks fail [11 de Fevereiro]
John Irish,Reuters

Obama Administration Opening 2-Front Campaign on Syria [11 de Fevereiro]
Matthew Lee,ABC News

Russia says U.S. planes bombed Syria's Aleppo on Wednesday [11 de Fevereiro]

A Look at What's Next for the Major Players in Syria's War [11 de Fevereiro]
ABC News

What does Russia want in Syria? 5 reasons Putin backs Assad [8 de Fevereiro]
Matthew Chance,CNN

Deciphering the Syrian Peace Process  [Fevereiro]
Democracy Reporting International

L’opposition syrienne participera aux négociations de paix à Genève [29 de Janeiro]
Le Monde

Quién es quién en la guerra en Siria [27 de Janeiro]
Natalia Sancha,El País

Trêve en Syrie : où en sont les positions de chaque camp?  [19 de Janeiro]
Jules Grandin et Pierre Breteau,Le Monde

What really happened to the U.S. train-and-equip program in Syria? [21 de Dezembro de 2015]
Roy Gutman, Mcclatchy DC

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