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Crise Política na Tunísia
4 | Agosto | 2021

Depois de meses de protestos face ao agravamento da crise pandémica, económica e política, a 25 de julho o Presidente Kaïs Saïed assumiu poderes executivos, demitindo o Primeiro Ministro e suspendendo o Parlamento, levantando também a imunidade aos deputados. Uma década depois da Primavera Árabe, a Tunísia enfrenta uma nova encruzilhada entre a democracia e o autoritarismo.

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Freedom House

Kais Saied, the Tunisian president accused of undermining democracy [30/07/2021]
Heba Saleh, Financial Times

What is Article 80 used by Tunisia’s president to justify coup? (video) [28/07/2021]
Sulaiman Lkaderi, Middle East Eye

President Qaïs Said Has Suspended Tunisia’s Parliament, Dismissed the Prime Minister, and Enhanced His Judicial Authority [27/07/2021]
Hamza Meddeb, Carnegie Middle East Center


Opiniões & Análises
Tunisie: L’état d’urgence dans l’urgence de l’Etat! [03/08/2021]
Monji Ben Raies, Leaders

Tunisia, the myth, is a burden its people did not ask for [02/08/2021]
Omar Al-Ghazzi, Middle East Eye

Tunisia shows that democracy will struggle if it can’t deliver prosperity [01/08/2021]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Tunisia’s Attempt at Democracy Starts to Topple [01/08/2021]
Safwan M. Masri, Wall Street Journal

«La Tunisie doit gagner la bataille de l'éducation» [30/07/2021]
Donia Kaouach, Le Figaro

The Return of Hypocrisy [30/07/2021]
Shadi Hamid The Atlantic

Kais Saied y el golpe constitucional en Túnez [30/07/2021]
Bernabé López García, Elcano

«La démocratie tunisienne, entre panne passagère et coup d’arrêt durable» [30/07/2021]
Sophie Bessis, Le Monde

The 25th of July: Tunisia’s revolution, part 2? [30/07/2021]
Larbi Sadiki, Al Jazeera

Tunisia’s president launched a political crisis. Is it a coup? [29/07/2021]
Nicholas J. Lotito, Monkey Cage

Tunisia: Biden's tepid response exposes aversion to democracy [29/07/2021]
Nader Hashemi, Middle East Eye

A Coup in Tunisia? [29/07/2021]
Will Todman, CSIS

Tunisia’s presidential power-grab is a test for its democracy [28/07/2021]
Larbi Sadiki & Layla Saleh, Open Democracy

Tunisia's Litmus Test for Arab Politics [28/07/2021]
Hussein Ibish, Business Day

Tunisia was the only democracy to blossom from the Arab Spring. Now it’s a mess. [28/07/2021]
Karim Mezran & Alissa Pavia, Atlantic Council

Miscalculating Tunisia [28/07/2021]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

Losing the Last Hope of the Arab Spring [28/07/2021]
Bobby Ghosh, Bloomberg

Tunisia’s Democracy Needs Help. Will Biden Step In? [28/07/2021]
Michael Hirsh, Foreign Policy

What happened in Tunisia was a coup [27/07/2021]
Haythem Guesmi, Al Jazeera

The International Community Must Use Its Leverage in Tunisia [27/07/2021]
Sarah Yerkes, Foreign Policy

La Tunisie, berceau des «printemps arabes», cède aux sirènes de l’homme fort [27/07/2021]
Frédéric Bobin, Le Monde

Tunisia’s Trumpian president [27/07/2021]
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

Political Crisis in Tunisia: U.S. Response Options [27/07/2021]
Sarah Feuer, Washington Institute

Tunisia should learn from its neighbors that strongmen are not the answer [27/07/2021]
Ezzedine C. Fishere, Washington Post

Tunisia: What will happen in the days ahead? [27/07/2021]
Eya Jrad, Middle East Eye

Tunisia coup: What Europeans can do to save North Africa’s only democracy [26/07/2021]
Tarek Megerisi, ECFR

Biden must try harder to stop the coup in Tunisia [26/07/2021]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Tunisia’s Democrats Need U.S. Support Now More Than Ever [26/07/2021]
Thanassis Cambanis, World Politics Review

Why many Tunisians are celebrating President Saied’s decision [26/07/2021]
Fadil Aliriza, MEI

Tunisia: There is nothing constitutional about Kais Saied's coup [26/07/2021]
David Hearst, Middle East Eye

Back from the brink: A better way for Europe to support Tunisia’s democratic transition [30/06/2021]
Tarek Megerisi, ECFR

Tunisian Civil Society and the Shrinking Margin of Freedom [15/06/2021]
Maya Chaker, POMED

Why Tunisians are still out on the streets – a decade after the ‘Dignity Revolution’ [21/03/2021]
Saerom Han, Andrea Teti & Pamela Abbott, The Conversation

Tunisia's Protests and the Threat of Repression [23/02/2021]
Yasmina Abouzzohour, ECFR

Where are the democratic dividends for Tunisians? [03/02/2021]
Said AlDailami, Qantara

Tunisia’s Difficult Transition: Will There Be Light at the End of the Tunnel? [11/01/2021]
Messaoud Romdhani, POMED



Tunisians have had enough of Ennahda failings [02/08/2021]
Gulf News

The way out of Tunisia’s crisis [31/07/2021]
The Economist

Tunisie: résister à la tentation du pouvoir personnel [29/07/2021]
Le Monde

Arab democracies: the least worst option [29/07/2021]
The Guardian

Crisis in Tunis: On Tunisian President’s decision to suspend Parliament [28/07/2021]
The Hindu

Tunisia’s democracy: a fragile thing [28/07/2021]
The Irish Times

Reverting to autocracy is not the answer for Tunisia [28/07/2021]
Financial Times

Tunisia’s coup: a spring that turns to winter [26/07/2021]
The Guardian

Tunisia crisis: Democrats, despots and the fight for power [04/08/2021]
Magdi Abdelhadi, BBC

Tunisian Labor Union Urges New PM Appointment [03/08/2021]
Asharq Al Awsat

Tunisia coup: Bar Association 'under siege' as security forces seek arrest of lawyer [02/08/2021]
Middle East Eye

Tunisie: des ONG internationales inquiètes après l’arrestation d’un député critique envers le president [01/08/2021]
Le Monde

La ‘Primavera’ Tunecina Se Tambalea [01/08/2021]
Ricard González, El País

Fending off 'coup' claims, Tunisian president announces anti-corruption drive [31/07/2021]
Stephen Quillen, Al Monitor

Tunisia coup: Ennahda leader blames UAE for power grab [31/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

En Tunisie, la nomination du nouveau chef du gouvernement se fait attendre [31/07/2021]
Lilia Blaise, Le Monde

Tunisian lawmaker arrested after Facebook posts criticizing Saied [31/07/2021]
Al Monitor

Tunisie: première nomination par le président Kaïs Saïed au ministère de l’intérieur [30/07/2021]
Le Monde

Is Tunisia’s fragile democracy under threat? [30/07/2021]
Mohamed Ali Ltifi, Al Monitor

Tunisia coup: Ghannouchi urges return to democracy [30/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

En Tunisie, le parti Ennahda joue la carte de l’apaisement et du dialogue [29/07/2021]
Lilia Blaise, Le Monde

Why Tunisia’s Promise of Democracy Struggles to Bear Fruit [28/07/2021]
Carlotta Gall, The New York Times

The Roots of Tunisia's Crisis Are Economic [28/07/2021]
Andrew Parasiliti, Al Monitor

Tunisia's Popular Coup? [28/07/2021]
Francesca Ebel, Newlines Magazine

Tunisia coup: How the world reacted [27/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

Influential voices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE celebrate Tunisia turmoil as blow to political Islam [27/07/2021]
Claire Parker, Washington Post

Tunisia’s Kais Saied responds to coup claims: ‘Revise your constitutional lessons’ [27/07/2021]
Ismaeel Naar, Al Arabiya

Tunisia’s president imposes month-long curfew and bans gatherings [27/07/2021]
The Guardian

Law experts split on whether president Saied's power move is legal [27/07/2021]
Francesca Ebel, Middle East Eye

Tunisie : après le coup de force du président, Ennahda se dit prêt à la tenue d’élections anticipées [27/07/2021]
Le Monde

UN, Arab League urge restraint in Tunisia [26/07/2021]
Khaleej Times

Tunisia coup: Who is President Kais Saied? [26/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

Factbox: Reactions to Tunisia's democratic crisis [26/07/2021]

Islamist Ennahda supporters attempt to storm Tunisian parliament [26/07/2021]
Ismaeel Naar, Al Arabiya

Tunisia’s Democracy Verges on Collapse as President Moves to Take Control [26/07/2021]
Vivian Yee, New York Times

Tunisia’s president orders military to manage virus crisis [21/07/2021]
Bouazza Ben Bouazza, Associated Press

Protests over police violence spread through Tunisian capital [15/06/2021]
Simon Speakman Cordall, The Guardian

Clashes after Tunisia demonstration against police violence [13/06/2021]
Al Arabiya

Political bickering stalls Tunisian national dialogue [09/04/2021]
Mohamed Ali Ltifi, Al Monitor

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