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Eleições na Turquia
3 | Julho | 2018

Domingo, dia 24 de Junho, a Turquia vai às urnas para eleger o Presidente e os membros do Parlamento. Os resultados destas eleições antecipadas serão determinantes para o futuro do país e do seu sistema político: a eventual vitória do AKP e reeleição do Presidente Erdogan significarão a consolidação do seu poder e de um sistema presidencialista, mas a vitalidade da campanha de Muharrem Ince nos últimos dias poderá significar uma grande polarização na sociedade e a passagem a uma segunda volta eleitoral.

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Election for Grand National Assembly of Turkey
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Turkey's Erdogan, Presidential Rival Both Vow to Send Syrians Home [22/06/2018]
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Cracks in the AKP-MHP alliance [22/06/2018]
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Turkey’s opposition might actually have a chance [21/06/2018]
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Erdoğan says ‘may seek coalition if fails to get majority’ [21/06/2018]
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No reason for state of emergency anymore, Deputy PM Şimşek says [20/06/2018]
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Opposition candidates offer each other vice president seats ahead of election [20/06/2018]
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Why Turkey’s election matters for its democracy and for investors [20/06/2018]
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Immigrants in Turkey vouch for ruling party in elections [20/06/2018]
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Turkey could stage fresh election if alliance loses parliament: Erdogan ally [19/06/2018]

Erdogan’s Plan to Raise a ‘Pious Generation’ Divides Parents in Turkey [19/06/2018]
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Turkey needs new blood, new name: CHP presidential candidate İnce [18/06/2018]
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Erdogan election success tied to curbing Kurdish vote [18/06/2018]
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Battle for Kurdish vote turns violent, leaves four dead in Turkey's Suruc [18/06/2018]
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Expat voting ends for Turkish elections in US [18/06/2018]
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Turkey's jailed pro-Kurdish candidate makes first TV appearance in 20 months [17/06/2018]

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Erdogan threatens ‘operation’ against Moody’s [14/06/2018]
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How a Turkish general's smile is now a key election issue [08/06/2018]
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Turkey’s elections to be monitored by 8 international bodies, election watchdog YSK says [08/06/2018]
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Erdogan on Lira, Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, Parliamentary Election [15/05/2018]

Turkey’s Islamist ‘old guard’ joins Erdogan opponents [07/05/2018]
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Turkish opposition candidate for president tells Erdogan 'let's race like men' [05/05/2018]

Turkey: Main opposition names presidential candidate [04/05/2018]
Satuk Bugra Kutlugun, Anadolu Agency

Turkey opposition names rival to Erdogan for June election [04/05/2018]

Turkey's ruling party offers big payouts ahead of critical vote [03/05/2018]
Mehmet Cetingulec, Al Monitor

Turkish opposition parties to sign four-way election aliance [02/05/2018]
Middle East Eye

Former president Abdullah Gul says he won't run for Turkish presidency [28/04/2018]
Middle East Eye

Turquie: Erdogan annonce des élections législatives et présidentielle anticipées pour le 24 juin [18/04/2018]
France 24

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