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Eleições na Hungria
19 | Abril | 2018

As eleições legislativas na Hungria deram uma vitória esmagadora ao partido nacionalista e conservador Fidesz de Viktor Orbán. A sua agenda anti-imigração e o retrocesso ao nível de direitos e garantias democráticas relançaram o debate sobre a crise da democracia e a afirmação de partidos e movimentos populistas na Europa.

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Opiniões & Análises
Requiem for a democracy: the European Union and Orbán’s Hungary [19/04/2018]
David Koranyi & Chris Maroshegyi, ECFR

Hungary's Uphill Battle Against Authoritarianism [17/04/2018]
Dalibor Rohac, CapX

Orbán 3.0: What to expect next [13/04/2018]
Zsuzsanna Végh, ECFR

Hungary’s Lost Democracy [13/04/2018]
Stephen Pogány, Social Europe

A Win for Populist Paternalism [10/04/2018]
Daniel Hegedüs, National Interest

Eastern Europe’s journey from totalitarianism to social democracy has stalled [10/04/2018]
Vincent Boland, Irish Times

What happened in Hungary [10/04/2018]
Réka Kinga Papp, Eurozine

Why Orban Won: Explaining Fidesz's Dominance in Hungary [10/04/2018]
Andras Biro-Nagy, Foreign Affairs

Authoritarians on the rotten fringes imperil European values [09/04/2018]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Viktor Orbán Tightens His Grip With A Super-Majority [09/04/2018]
Eamonn Butler, The Conversation

Hungary’s Election Was a Milestone in the Decline of Democracy [09/04/2018]
Yascha Mounk, Slate

Hungary’s Strongman Has a Weak Spot [09/04/2018]
Dariusz Kalan, Foreign Policy

Hungarians go to the polls today. But are voters enough to protect democracy? [08/04/2018]
John Ahlquist, Nahomi Ichino, Jason Wittenberg and Daniel Ziblatt, Washington Post

Hungarian Politics Is About to Enter a New Period — No Matter Who Wins the Elections [05/04/2018]
Daniel Hegedüs, German Marshall Fund

How Illiberal Leaders Attack Civil Society: What's Happening in Central Europe Is Part of a Larger Trend [06/04/2018]
Michael Abramowitz and Nate Schenkkan, Foreign Affairs

‘Democracy’ Still Matters [05/04/2018]
Jan-Werner Müller, New York Times

The EU is tolerating—and enabling—authoritarian kleptocracy in Hungary [05/04/2018]
The Economist

Homo Orbánicus [05/04/2018]
Jan-Werner Müller, New York Review of Books

The new communists [05/04/2018]
Lili Bayer, Politico

Señales positivas en Hungría
Marcos Suárez Sipmann, Política Exterior

Orban Doesn't Look So Invincible Anymore
Andrew MacDowall, World Politics Review

Hungary: a threat the EU must confront [11/04/2018]
Irish Times

Viktor Orban’s Perversion of Democracy in Hungary [04/04/2018]
New York Times


Orban tomará medidas contra las ONG que apoyen la inmigración [10/04/2018]

How a Liberal Dissident Became a Far-Right Hero, in Hungary and Beyond [06/04/2018]
Patrick Kingsley, New York Times

Orbán’s media puppetmaster [05/04/2018]

Orban Re-election Campaign May Be Undercut by Tactical Voting [04/04/2018]
New York Times

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