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Referendo na Turquia
15 | Maio | 2017

Os turcos foram às urnas votar uma emenda à constituição que atribui mais poder ao presidente, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ao transformar o país – uma democracia parlamentar – num sistema presidencialista. O “sim” ao reforço dos poderes do presidente venceu, mas a oposição contesta o resultado e pediu a recontagem de um terço dos votos. 



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Opiniões & Análises
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Ahu Özyurt, Hurriyet Daily News

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Turkey faces scrutiny after Erdogan's 'win' [25/04/2017]
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Erdogan’s referendum victory polarizes Turkey [24/04/2017]
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Referendum win may prove costly for Erdogan [23/04/2017]
Arthur I. Cyr, The China Post

Why German Turks Voted for the Autocrat Far Away [21/04/2017]
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Did Kurds determine outcome of Turkey's referendum? [21/04/2017]
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Trump's making a big strategic mistake on human rights [19/04/2017]
Max Boot, USA Today

How does Muslim world view Erdogan's referendum win? [19/04/2017]
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Post-referendum Turkey: Renewed conflicts, new allies [19/04/2017]
Metin Gurcan, Al Jazeera

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It's Time To Break Off EU Membership Talks with Turkey [19/04/2017]
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James M. Lindsay, Robert McMahon, and Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations [podcast]

Turkey: the European response [18/04/2017]
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Calls for referendum annulment rise in Turkey [18/04/2017]
Amberin Zaman, Al-monitor

Turkey haunted by ghosts of the past [18/04/2017]
Sreeram Chaulia, Nikkei Asian Review

Conciliation is not on the cards after Turkey’s referendum [18/04/2017]
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Understanding Turkey’s Anger With The West [18/04/2017]
, Social Europe

Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory? [18/04/2017]
Soli Özel, Project Syndicate

Dealing With Turkey’s Absolute Ruler [18/04/2017]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

What’s Next After Turkey’s Referendum? [18/04/2017]
Gonul Tol, The New York Times

How Turkey's Referendum Could Be a Prelude to French Surprise [18/04/2017]
Mohamed A. El-Erian, The Bloomberg View

The Bizarre Behavior of Turkish-German Voters [18/04/2017]
Hasnain Kazim, Der Spiegel

Victorious and Paranoid [18/04/2017]
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Elif Esen, Ege Seckin, Mustafa Akyol, Al Jazeera [video]

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is destroying democracy from within – and he is not the only one [17/04/2017]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

Turkey referendum: Erdogan's narrow victory [17/04/2017]
David Barchard, Middle East Eye

Where does Erdogan's referendum win leave Turkey? [17/04/2017]
Cengiz Çandar, Al-monitor

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Jennifer Amur, The Washington Post

Turkey's New Playbook for the Semi-Authoritarian [17/04/2017]
Noah Feldman, The Bloomberg View

En Turquie, victoire étriquée pour l’hyperprésident Erdogan [17/04/2017]
Allan Kaval, Marie Jégo, Marc Semo, Le Monde

Erdoğan's referendum victory unsurprising in a 'strongman' world [17/04/2017]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Turkish referendum is a victory in name only for Erdoğan [17/04/2017]
Serhun Al, The Guardian

Erdoğan’s referendum victory spells the end of Turkey as we know it [17/04/2017]
Yavuz Baydar, The Guardian

Turkish referendum must be a wake-up call for Germany [17/04/2017]
Ines Pohl, Deutsche Welle

Turkey's new era as Erdogan takes it all [17/04/2017]
Seda Serdar, Deutsche Welle

Divided we stand ... Turkey faces discord after referendum [17/04/2017]
Suraj Sharma, Middle East Eye

Turkey’s constitutional referendum: experts express fear for a divided country [17/04/2017]
Simon P. Watmough, Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, David Tittensor, Ihsan Yilmaz, The Conversation

Turkey's New Playbook for the Semi-Authoritarian [17/04/2017]
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View

Uncertain road ahead as Erdoğan claims victory [17/04/2017]
Zia Weise, Politico EU

Erdogan keeps winning because his opponents never learn [17/04/2017]
Hannah Lucinda Smith, The Spectator

The Turkish referendum [17/04/2017]
Gwynne Dyer, The Japan Times

The real winners, and losers, in the Turkish referendum [17/04/2017]
Howard Eissenstat, Reuters

An exhausting victory for Erdoğan [17/04/2017]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Nothing has changed... [17/04/2017]
Yusuf Kanli, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey’s divisive referendum: Anatolia vs the metropolis [17/04/2017]
Serkan Demirtaş, Hurriyet Daily News

How the Turkish referendum has split the community in Australia [17/04/2017]
Mehmet Ozalp, The Sydney Morning Herald

Turkish democracy has just died; Europe could not have saved it [16/04/2017]
Douglas Murray, The Spectator

Erdoğan declares victory in his pursuit of one-man rule [16/04/2017]
Alpaslan Ozerdem, Bahar Baser, The Conversation

Sin el consenso social necesario [16/04/2017]
Ilke Toygur, El Pais

RIP Turkey, 1921 – 2017 [16/04/2017]
Steven A. Cook, Foreign Policy

Uncertain road ahead as Erdoğan claims victory [16/04/2017]
Zia Weise, Politico EU

After referendum, Turkey is more divided than ever [16/04/2017]
Simon Waldman, The Globe and Mail

Turkey’s President Erdogan is set to gain sweeping power after a controversial referendum [16/04/2017]
Tim Fernholz, Quartz

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: is he a threat to Turkish democracy? [16/04/2017]
Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian

Turkey Referendum Victory Would Remove Erdogan's Restraints [16/04/2017]
Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz

Kurd Leader to Haaretz: Erdogan and Allies Seek Dictatorship via Turkish Referendum [16/04/2017]
Entrevista a Bese Hozat, Haaretz

As Turkey Gears Up to Vote, Its 'Traitors' Speak Out [15/04/2017]
Lauren Bohn, Tugba Tekerek, The Atlantic

Turkey is sliding into dictatorship [15/04/2017]
The Economist

Another moment of destiny for Turkey [15/04/2017]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Is Turkey Still a Democracy? [14/04/2017]
David Kenner, Foreign Policy

Turkey’s Good-Governance Referendum [14/04/2017]
Gulnur Aybet, The New York Times

La Constitución de Erdogan [14/04/2017]
Eduard Soler i Lecha, El Pais

Turkey could be about to leap from division to despotism [14/04/2017]
, The Guardian

Referendum May Seal Turkey’s Drift Away From Europe [14/04/2017]
Aaron Stein, Real Clear World

Will Turkey’s referendum mark the end of democracy and the birth of ‘Erdoğanistan’? [14/04/2017]
Simon P. Watmough, Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, The Conversation

Turquía, anclada a un referéndum [13/04/2017]
Javier Solana, El Pais

Adiós a Turquía [13/04/2017]
José I. Torreblanca, El Pais

Presidential Referendum: A Pivotal Moment in Turkey's Prolonged Election Cycle [13/04/2017]
Emre Erdogan, German Marshall Fund

How Kurds Could Tilt Turkey’s Referendum [13/04/2017]
Ayla Jean Yackley, Foreign Policy

A divided Turkey heads for historic referendum [13/04/2017]
Semih Idiz, Al-monitor

Why all this worry if ‘Yes’ has already won? [13/04/2017]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

The Turkish constitutional referendum, explained [13/04/2017]
Sinan Ekim, Kemal Kirişci, Brookings Institution

The high price of saying ‘no’ in Turkey’s referendum [13/04/2017]
Can Dundar, The Washington Post

Turkey's referendum: A democratic quest [13/04/2017]
Ayse Sozen Usluer, Al Jazeera

Turkey’s Referendum on Dictatorship [13/04/2017]
Michael Rubin, Commentary

The Constitutional Referendum Will Not Stabilize Turkey [12/04/2017]
Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, German Marshall Fund

The Putinisation of Erdogan [12/04/2017]
David Hearst, Middle East Eye

Turkey's future: The West’s mounting Erdoganophobia [12/04/2017]
Ahmed al-Burai, Middle East Eye

Turkey’s lose-lose referêndum [12/04/2017]
Sevgi Akarçeşme, Politico EU

From Istanbul to Madrid: five things to know before the Turkish constitutional referendum [12/04/2017]
İlke Toygür, Real Instituto Elcano

Is It Too Late for Turkey’s Democracy? [12/04/2017]
Elmira Bayrasli, The New York Times

How Erdogan uses Turkey's mosques to push 'yes' vote [12/04/2017]
Pinar Tremblay, Al-monitor

Not a very fair referendum campaign, is it? [12/04/2017]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey will never be the same after this vote [11/04/2017]
Henri Barkey, The Wasington Post

The stakes are huge in Turkey’s referendum [11/04/2017]
David Gardner, Financial Times

Turkey's referendum: A democratic quest [11/04/2017]
Ayse Sozen Usluer, Al Jazeera

Turkey's opposition: Referendum will deepen problems [11/04/2017]
Entrevista a Sezgin Tanrikulu, Al Jazeera

Turkey Will Never Be the Same After This Vote [11/04/2017]
Henri J. Barkey, Wilson Center

Turkey’s Constitutional Debate: Presidentialism Alla Turca or Parliamentary Government [10/04/2017]
Ilter Turan, German Marshall Fund

Dismissed law scholar dissects Turkey's referendum [10/04/2017]
Entrevista a Murat Sevinc, Deutsche Welle

A Gift From God [10/04/2017]
Can Erimtan, Berlin Policy Journal

How Erdogan's Referendum Gamble Might Backfire[10/04/2017]
Eren Caylan, Maximilian Popp, Der Spiegel

Renegade ultranationalists could derail Erdoğan [10/04/2017]
Zia Weise, Politico EU

Win or Lose on Referendum, Turkey’s Erdogan Spells Trouble [10/04/2017]
Mohammed Ayoob, Real Clear World

Fears of foul play hang over Turkish referendum [10/04/2017]
Mahmut Bozarslan, Al-monitor

Turkish Voters Take to the Seas [09/03/2017]
Umar Farooq, Foreign Affairs

‘If there is one man in power, he can cut through the mess’: a Turkey divided ahead of key poll [05/04/2017]
Stephen Starr, The National

Turkey is about to use democracy to end its democracy [05/04/2017]
Tezcan Gumus, Quartz

Eyes turn to Gul as countdown begins to Turkish referendum [03/04/2017]
Amberin Zaman, Al-monitor

Erdoğan’s power grab [31/03/2017]
Zia Weise, Politico EU

Five reasons Erdogan will win the Turkish referendum [29/03/2017]
Omair Anas, Middle East Eye

Looking Beyond Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum [27/03/2017]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Will Turkish anger at Europe hurt or help Erdogan's yes campaign? [18/04/2017]
Suraj Sharma, Middle East Eye

Turkey and the Codification of Autocracy [10/03/2017]
Steven Blockmans, CEPS

Constitutional changes in Turkey: A presidential system or the president’s system? [24/01/2017]
Amanda Paul, Demir Murat Seyrek, European Policy Centre


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The Guardian view on the Turkish referendum: Erdoğan entrenches himself [17/04/2017]
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Turkey referendum: Mr. Erdogan rising [17/04/2017]
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El Mundo

Erdogan se impone [17/04/2017]
El Pais

Globe editorial: Say no to Erdogan’s naked power grab [13/04/2017]
The Globe and Mail

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Erdoğan rejoins Turkey's ruling party in wake of referendum on new powers [02/05/2017]
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Erdogan Leads His Country into the Abyss [21/04/2017]
Der Spiegel

CHP vows to continue struggle against system changes [26/04/2017]
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Erdogan says Turkey won't wait at Europe's door forever [26/04/2017]

Turkey placed on damaging democracy watchlist by EU [25/04/2017]
Middle East Eye

As Erdogan gains power in Turkey, a weakened opposition tries to stand in his way [19/04/2017]
The Washington Post

Turkey’s electoral board to investigate referendum complaints [19/04/2017]
Politico EU

Turkey extends state of emergency for 3 more months [18/04/2017]
China Daily

In Supporting Erdogan, Turks Cite Economic and Religious Gains [17/04/2017]
The New York Times

Turkey’s Vote Could Mean the End of a Courtship to Join the E.U. [17/04/2017]
The New York Times

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Deutsche Welle

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Le Figaro

International monitors deliver scathing verdict on Turkish referendum [17/04/2017]

Opposition calls for Turkish vote annulment after Erdogan wins powers [17/04/2017]

Erdogan consuma la deriva desde el pragmatismo a la autocracia [16/04/2017]
El Pais

Erdoğan gets backing to strengthen his autocratic grip on Turkey [16/04/2017]
The Guardian

Turkey referendum: Erdogan pledges lasting stability amid fears of a power grab [15/04/2017]
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"Un país con la reforma constitucional de Turquía no puede entrar en la Unión Europea" [15/04/2017]
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En Turquie, un référendum à quitte ou double pour le président Erdogan [13/04/2017]
Le Monde

No poder decir 'No' en Turquía [13/04/2017]
El Mundo

Idea of a non-democratic Turkey to be clinched if yes votes prevail in charter referendum: CHP leader [12/04/2017]
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Turkish rifts stir up Germany as referendum nears [11/04/2017]
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‘No’ campaigners find themselves victims of violence ahead of Turkey referendum [30/03/2017]
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