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Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Studies, Nova University of Lisbon. His research interests center on comparative state formation, civil society and social policy. His more recent work has focused on civil society and democratization in new democracies, social policy and welfare civil society in Southern Europe, and fiscal welfare and inequality in Portugal.

Research Fields:

Government (comparative and historical perspective).
Welfare State, Social and Fiscal Policy.
State and civil society.
Quality and inequality of democracy.

Recent Publications:

1. «Sociedade Civil e Estado Providência. Portugal em perspectiva comparada e longitudinal» in Conceição Pequito Teixeira, coord., Politica Comparada. O Sistema Político Português numa Perspectiva Comparada, Cascais, Principia, 2016 [no prelo].
2. [com Pedro Tavares de Almeida e Paulo Silveira e Sousa] «El Estado en el Portugal decimonónico. El liberalismo entre el sueño y la razón», Historia y Politica [accepted for publication, July 2015].
3. [com Tiago Fernandes], «Long-Term Effects: Social Revolution and Civil Society in Portugal, 1974-2010», Journal of Comparative Politics [accepted for publication, August 2015].
4. «O aparelho administrativo de um super-Ministério (1852-2011)» in Pedro Tavares de Almeida e Paulo Silveira e Sousa, coords., Do Reino à Administração Interna: História de um Ministério (1736-2011), Lisboa, INCM, 2015, pp. 64-120.
5. «A Vida Política (1834-1890)» in António Costa Pinto e Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro, coord. geral, História Contemporânea de Portugal. Vol 2 - 1834-1890 A Construção Nacional, dir. volume Pedro Tavares de Almeida, Lisboa, Fundacion Mapfre/Editora Objectiva, 2013, pp. 31-76.

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