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Weekly International
Press Brief
04 - 08 : II : 2019


International Security & the INF Treaty

Europe and the End of the INF Treaty

Ideology, Not Russia or China, Explains US Pullout from the INF

Russia may have violated the INF Treaty. Here’s how the United States appears to have done the same.

USA: State of the Union

Top Foreign-Policy Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union

Trump's Nationalism Was MIA During the State of the Union Speech

Trump-Kim Summit

Trump-Kim Summit: The Vietnam Edition

The Limitations Of Summits Around The Korean Peninsula

North Korea and America’s Second Summit: We Asked 76 Experts to Predict the Results

Venezuela in Crisis

Venezuela Could Force a Foreign Policy Reckoning for U.S. Progressives

Venezuela: When dialogue is agony

Peace in Afghanistan

Why the Afghanistan Peace Process Requires an American Exodus

Finishing Strong: Seeking a Proper Exit from Afghanistan

Iran sanctions

Trading with Iran via the special purpose vehicle: How it can work

Election in El Salvador

A Populist Surprise in El Salvador

In a strong rebuke to traditional parties, Nayib Bukele wins the Salvadoran presidency

Jaque al bipartidismo en El Salvador

Democratic Backlash in Europe

Hungary and Poland: What Next for Europe’s “Illiberal Vanguard”?

Say It With Statues: Brick-And-Mortar Revisionism In Orban’s Hungary

Great Powers

How the United States Got Russia Wrong

Russia and China Beyond Realpolitik: The Bond of Respect and Values

Competition with China and the Future of the Asian International Order


America's Mideast retreat

Crisis in Democracy: Renewing Trust in America

America's Two Track Asia Policy


Countries’ Perceptions of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Big Data Analysis

China’s relations with Africa and the Arab world: shared trends, different priorities

Understanding China's AI Strategy


Putin Wants to Dissolve the Russian People and Elect Another

Russia’s growth problem

Putin's last term: taking the long view

European Union

Rome: Where Migrants Face Eviction as Fascists Find a Home

Europe in 2019: A Critical and Transitional Year

Proposed Frontex reform and its impact: Border politics and the external security nexus in the EU

Middle East

Business as Usual in Western Sahara?

Netanyahu’s Referendum

Israeli–Palestinian Peacemaking: The Role of the Arab States

Latin America

Should Brazil Just Abolish the Vice Presidency?

Implementación de la paz: el desafío para la relación bilateral en materia de narcotráfico entre Colombia y Ecuador

All Eyes on Guatemala as Crisis Brews Ahead of Elections


Journey to the east? The rebalancing of Indonesia’s force structure

China and Pakistan’s ‘Iron Brotherhood’: The economic dimensions and their implications on US hegemony

One Year of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement


Developmental Regionalism and Regional Value Chains: Pitfalls to South Africa’s Vision for the Tripartite Free Trade Area

More Continuity than Change in the Congo

Hopes for a Green October in Sudan


What is NATO really doing in cyberspace?

Climate Change

International Climate Change Policy

Cambio climático: ¿qué podemos esperar en 2019?


Is the ‘populist’ tide retreating?


E Pluribus Unum? The Fight Over Identity Politics


Freedom in the World 2019: Democracy in Retreat


The Decline of Historical Thinking

Books & Reviews

Iran Rising: The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic [Chapter 1]

Anti-Fascist Reading List

Book Review: Africa at the Crossroads by Riccardo Pelizzo

Book Review Roundtable “Myanmar’s ‘Rohingya’ Conflict”

Fool Britannia

>Resilience and Rebellion in Contemporary China

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