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Weekly International
Press Brief
25 - 29 : V : 2020 


Hong Kong in Turmoil

Is Hong Kong Still Autonomous? What to Know About China’s New Laws

Hong Kong Calls. Can Europe Respond?


The Coronavirus Must Push Europe to Rescue Multilateralism

How to repair multilateralism after covid-19

Tensions at the South China Sea

Preventing a Clash in the South China Sea

Chinese Coercion in the South China Sea: Resolve and Costs

Post Covid-19 International Order

The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy

World Order after Covid-19

Syria’s Conflict

Syria Redux: Preventing the Spread of Violent Extremism Through Weaponized Populations and Mobile Safehavens

Syrie – la maison Assad ébranlée

Syria's Constitutional Committee Is Not About the Constitution

Open Skies Treaty

How a US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty would benefit the Kremlin

The Open Skies Treaty and prospects for European confidence-building measures 

U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

Israeli Government

Israel’s New Government Is a Many-Headed Hydra

Israel Coalition: Third Time Lucky or Same Old Story

Belarusian election

The least predictable Belarusian election in decades

Israel & Palestinian

Years of dereliction has left the PLO facing annexation without a plan

How Should the PA Respond to the US-Israeli Annexation Plan?


Planète nucléaire: le TNP à l’épreuve de la Covid-19

COVID-19 has given the 2020 NPT Review Conference a reprieve. Let’s take advantage of it

Learning From the 2015 NPT Review Conference

International Economy

COVID-19’s reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economies

Lessons from China: This is how COVID-19 could affect globalization


Al Qaeda and ISIS Had a Truce in Africa—Until They Didn’t

The Evolution of East African Salafi-jihadism

How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world

Great Powers

The Coronavirus and the US-Russia-China Triangle

Russia-China Partnership Proves Immune to Coronavirus

Great-power competition and COVID-19


Build a Better Blob

The Shape of a Real Grand Strategy

How Violent Protests Change Politics

The George Floyd Tragedy Is Part of a Bigger National Problem


China’s revisionism: From Hong Kong to India’s borders

The role of the National People’s Congress in China’s party-state constitutionalism

What Do Taiwan’s People Think About Their Relationship to China?

The Rise of Xi Jinping and China’s New Era: Implications for the United States and Taiwan


Russia and Collective Security: Why CSTO Is No Match for Warsaw Pact

Pandemic Heightens Need to Reset Belarus-Russia Ties

Putin’s Hollow Power Verticals, Revealed

European Union

A Tricky Path for Europe’s Recovery Fund

Europe's moment: Repair and prepare for the next generation

The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream

A Just Transition Fund – How the EU budget can help with the transition

Middle East

New Political Parties and the Reconfigu­ration of Turkey’s Political Landscape

The Impact of the Oil Crisis on the MENA Region

The political economy of economic policy in Iraq

The Nonsense Of “Neo-Ottomanism”

Latin America

The authoritarian temptation

Uruguay, the exception to Latin America’s COVID-19 surge

How Venezuela Should Think About Reopening Its Economy

Inserción externa y crecimiento de la economía cubana


The BRI in Post-Coronavirus South Asia

Shaping South Korea’s middle-power future

Why We Should Worry About China and India’s Border Skirmishes

Nepal: Amendment to Constitution Delayed: Why?


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Africa’s Developmental Focus?

Creating colonial Portugal in Africa

Will Burundi’s Disputed Election Mark a New Chapter or a Return to Violence?

Last Month Could’ve Been a Real Turning Point for Africa-China Ties


El poder de las diásporas en el siglo XXI

The Role of Diasporic Structures in Crisis Governance During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

War & Peace

Peering into the Crystal Ball: Holistically Assessing the Future of Warfare


Stronger Together: NATO’s Evolving Approach Toward China

NATO and the Frameworks of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament: Challenges for the 10th NPT Review Conference


Britain Adrift: The United Kingdom’s Search for a Post-Brexit Role

Books & Reviews

L'Europe doit retrouver le fil de son histoire

Do Autocracies Really Have an Advantage over Democracies?

A Few Good Men: Trump, the Generals, and the Corrosion of Civil-Military Relations


The “Miracle” Of Dunkirk

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