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Madalena Meyer Resende

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Madalena Meyer Resende is Assistant Professor of Comparative European Politics at the Department of Political Studies at the NOVA University of Lisbon and a DAAD visiting scholar at the Europa University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder. She holds a PhD (2005) from the LSE and was a Gulbenkian Research Fellow (2005-2006) at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. She publishes on issues of nationalism and religion, with a focus on Poland and Spain. Besides several articles and chapters in Portuguese and international journals and books she is the sole author of two publications: “The unintended effects of Europe on Central and East European party systems: Poland and beyond’ (2009) and “Catholicism and Nationalism: Transforming Party Politics in Europe”, published by Routledge in 2015. She is currently the vice-president of the Portuguese Association of Political Science.

Research Fields:

Church-state relations.
Central and Eastern Europe.
European Politics.

Recent Publications:

1. 2015 (forthcoming) (with Anja Hennig) ‘Shunning direct intervention: Explaining the exceptional behavior of the Portuguese Church hierarchy in morality politics’, New Diversities, vol.17, no.2.
2. 2015 (forthcoming) (with Anja Hennig) “Bedingungen der Aktivierung von moralpolitischen Konflikten. Konservativ- religiöse Identitäten und die religiöse Konfliktlinie in der spanischen Debatte um die Verschärfung des Abtreibungsgesetzes nach 2010” in Werkner, I.J und Hidalgo, O.(eds), Religiöse Identitäten in politischen Konflikten (2015), AK-Band, Berlin.
3. (2015) Catholicism and Nationalism: Changing Nature of Party Politics, Basingstoke: Routledge.
4. 2014 ‘As Relações entre a Polónia e a Rússia: 1980-2011’ in Daehnhardt, P. e Freire, M.R. (eds.) A Política Externa Russa no Espaço Euro-Atlântico: Dinâmicas de cooperação e competição num espaço alargado, Almedina, Coimbra.
5. 2011 "Transformando a nação: Os nacionalismos dos partidos de centro-direita em Espanha e na Polónia", Análise Social, 201, pp. 741-764.

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