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Nuno Severiano Teixeira

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Director of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations, Full Professor of International Relations at NOVA University-Lisbon and former Vice Rector of NOVA University-Lisbon (2013-2017). Holds a PhD in History of International Relations by the European University Institute, Florence and is Aggregate Professor in Political Science and International Relations by NOVA University of Lisbon. He was Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (2000), Visiting Scholar at the Institute for European studies, University of California, Berkeley (2004), and Senior Visiting Scholar at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies European University Institute – Florence (2010). He was Director of National Defense Institute (1996-2000), served as Minister of Interior (2000/2002) and as Minister of National Defense (2006/2009) of the Portuguese Government. He has published extensively on History of International Relations and History of European integration, Security and Defense Studies.

Recent Publications:

1. 2017, História Militar de Portugal. Lisboa, A Esfera dos Livros
2. 2015, Heróis do mar: história dos símbolos nacionais. Lisboa, A Esfera dos Livros.
3. 2014, A Crise do Liberalismo 1890-1930. Fundación Mapfre (Coordenação).
4. 2012, The Europeanization of Portuguese Democracy. Social Science Monographs -Columbia University Press (com António Costa Pinto).
5. 2011, The International Politics of Democratization: Comparative perspectives. Routledge (Editor).

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