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Nuno Magalhães

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Associate researcher at IPRI-NOVA, specialized in IR theory, security international organizations, and security in Northeast Asia and Europe. Previously he was a professor at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and ARI Fellow at Korea University, South Korea; Japan Foundation Fellow at Tokyo University, Japan; Taiwan Fellow at Taiwan National University; associate at Harvard University, USA; consultant for the Mission of Portugal to the United Nations, USA; and visiting researcher at Columbia and Harvard universities, USA. He studied at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Research Fields:

International Relations Theory.
Security International Organizations.
Security in Northeast Asia and Europe.

Recent Publications:

1. «The Resilience of Pyongyang’s Nuclear Weapons: A Structural Perspective», Nação e Defesa, No. 140, 2015, pp. 67-83.

2. «Nuclear Strategy and Leadership Change in North Korea: Old Soju in a New Bottle», Nação e Defesa, No. 134, 2013, pp. 223-246.

3. «Portugal, as Nações Unidas e a Coreia do Norte Nuclear», Occasional Paper No. 51, IPRI-UNL, 2011.

4. «Cheonan e a Lógica Norte-Coreana», Occasional Paper No. 48, IPRI-UNL, 2010.

5. «Poisoned Cooperation in Korea: Egoists, Nukes, and Reunification’s Zero-Sum Game», in Luís Tomé (ed.), East Asia Today. Lisboa, Prefácio-UAL, 2008, pp. 341-365.

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