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Jorge Botelho Moniz

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PhD Candidate

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PhD in Political Science, FCSH/NOVA; Master in Law, FD/NOVA; Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations, FCSH/NOVA. Visiting lecturer in Sciences Po Paris - University of Poitiers. National correspondent for the EUREL network, University of Strasbourg. Research Policy Officer at the REPER-MNE.

Research Fields:

State-Church relations.
Sociology of religion.
Practical theology.
Human Rights.

Recent Publications:

1. MONIZ, Jorge Botelho, “Religious populism in the verge of secularization: Origins and modern phenomena”. In: José Brissos-Lino (ed.), Religious Populism, Lisboa: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas, 2021 (no prelo).
2. MONIZ, Jorge Botelho, “Religion and politics in Portugal: Secularism and secularity in the 21st century”. In: Donizete Rodrigues & Nelson Lellis (orgs.), Politics and religion: the lusophone context, São Paulo: Recriar, 2020, p. 37-54.
3. MONIZ, Jorge Botelho, PINTO, Paulo Mendes, LINO, José Brissos, “Building religious freedom in Portugal: From the legal trail to the perception of religious freedom among evangelical leaders”. REVER - Revista de Estudos da Religião, vol. 20, nº 3, 2020, p. 217-234.
4. BMONIZ, Jorge Botelho, “Societalization as secularization? Correlation between societalization and religiosity indices in Europe”, Revista Colombiana de Sociología, vol. 43, n.º 1, pp. 235-260, 2020.
5. MONIZ, Jorge Botelho, TEIXEIRA, Alfredo, VILAÇA, Helena, et al., Religious identities and social dynamics in the Lisbon metropolitan area. Coord. Alfredo Teixeira, Lisboa: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2019.


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