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Project: PPEACE - Public Policies and Reception of Foreign Citizens

Funding SourceAMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Participant Institutions: NOVA FCSH and IPRI-NOVA

Timeframe:  2020 - 2022

General ObjectiveIn the current and challenging global context, where so much resistance has been raised to the reception of third country nationals (TCN), asylum seekers and refugees, where parties and movements with discourse against migration have grown in recent years, where climate change and armed conflicts continue to cause a massive number of forced migrants, where the current pandemic Covid-19 has caused a serious economic and social crisis with unknown outlines - the PPEACE Project aims to contribute to scientific advancement in the area of Public Policies for the reception of TCN, asylum seekers and refugees, in Europe and Portugal.

Topics of study:

  • Current political, health, social and economic context, at national and international level and state of the art of public policies for migrants’ reception;
  • Identification of gaps between the law and the practice of public policies for migrants’ reception in Portugal and research of instruments that make it possible to prevent these gaps;
  • Contribution of public policies for migrants’ reception and to the protection of their human rights, as well as respect for the principles enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and other international instruments;
  • Reflection on the role of public policies to migrants’ reception and contributing for security and peace;
  • Presentation of conclusions that contribute to better-informed policy options by governments, in the context of migrants’ reception.

Project outputs:

  • Doctoral thesis in Political Science with specialization in Public Policy;
  • Focus Group: TCN, asylum seekers and refugees, as well as professionals and employees from public and private services, with the aim of contributing in particular to the investigation and selection of issues to be developed at the Seminars;
  • Two International Seminars: discussion and sharing of good practices in the area of public policies for migrants’ reception, in Portugal and abroad;
  • Final Report: published in Portuguese and English to disseminate the conclusions of the doctoral thesis and the main results of the research project activities to a wider audience.

Members of the Team:

Ana Leão Varela
Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues (researcher responsible for the Project)

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