O nuclear iraniano

12 | Abril | 2012


Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 54/2012 of 23 January 2012 implementing Regulation (EU) No 961/2010 on restrictive measures against Iran

Crisis Guide: Iran
Council on Foreign Relations

If at First Iran Says No, Try, Try Again (12 de Abril)
Volker Perthes, New York Times

Will Khamenei Compromise? (12 de Abril)
Marashi & Reza, The National Interest

Hostages in Iran (12 de Abril)
Paul Pillar, The National Interest

Nuclear chess in Istanbul (12 de Abril)
Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Asia Times

Taiwan Takes a Smart Path on Iran Oil (12 de Abril)
Michael Gooch, Taiwan Today

Israel-Iran, Holocaust Perverted in Poem (12 de Abril)
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

'Grass Is Being Treated Like an Outcast' (12 de Abril)
Entrevista a Jean Asselborn, Der Spiegel

On Iran, Reality Bites (10 de Abril)
John Vinocur, New York Times

The West's Mysterious 'Red Lines' on Iran (10 de Abril)
Jonathan Schell, Globe and Mail

Iran Exploits U.S. Paralysis in the Mideast (10 de Abril)
George Friedman, Stratfor

Israel's Dogs of War Straining at the Leash (9 de Abril)
Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

The Ayatollah's Gamble (6 de Abril)
Karim Sadjadpour, Washington Post

How to Avoid Disaster with Iran (6 de Abril)
Meir Javedanfar, The Diplomat

Obama Reaches Out to Iran Through Turkey (5 de Abril)
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Obama’s signal to Iran (5 de Abril)
David Ignatius, Washington Post

The MEK: Our Men in Iran? (4 de Abril)
Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker

Iran's Win, Win, Win Bomb (4 de Abril)
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Can Brazil Stop Iran? (4 de Abril)
Bernard Aronson, IHT

India and the Iran sanctions (2 de Abril)
Ramesh Thakur, Japan Times

Iran Leaks and Obama's Tough Talk (30 de Março)
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary Magazine

The Potential for Israeli Military Action against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities (Março)
Paul Roger, Oxford Research Group

The Confidence Game (29 de Março)
Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic

Preventing a Nuclear Iran (26 de Março)
O'Hanlon & Riedel, Washington Post

How U.S. Encourages Israel to Bomb Iran (26 de Março)
Reuel Marc Gerecht, Wall Street Journal

Obama Faces Perilous Calendar on Iran (26 de Março)
Nikolas Gvosdev, World Politics Review

Bomb Iran and it will surely decide to pursue nuclear arms (26 de Março)
Mehdi Hasan, The Guardian

The Iranian crisis signals a turning point in warfare (26 de Março)
Adel Safty, Gulf News

How to Make Iran Change Its Mind (26 de Março)
Meir Javedanfar, The Diplomat

Al-Qaeda's Network in Iran (26 de Março)
Weinthal & Joscelyn, Weekly Standard

The False Iran Debate (23 de Março)
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

Iran Keeps Compromise Option Open (23 de Março)
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute

U.S. And Iranian Strategic Competition: The Proxy Cold War in the Levant, Egypt and Jordan (16 de Março)
Aram Nerguizian, CSIS

Deterring Iran Is the Best Option (15 de Março)
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Diplomacy, Iran and the Bomb (14 de Março)
David Shorr, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Iran and the Gulf Military Balance II: The Missile and Nuclear Dimensions (8 de Março)
Anthony H. Cordesman e Alexander Wilner, CSIS

Obama's Interview on Iran (8 de Março)
Council on Foreign Relations

How I would check Iran’s nuclear ambition (6 de Março)
Mitt Romney, Washington Post

President Obama on Iran: Assessing Key Passages in The AIPAC Speech (5 de Março)
Robert Satloff, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran (5 de Março)
Paul Pillar, Washington Monthly

Would Military Strike on Iran Be Legal? (5 de Março)
Peter Berkowitz, RCP

Before attacking Iran, Israel should learn from its 1981 strike on Iraq (5 de Março)
Colin Kahl, Washington Post

Can Israel Trust the United States When It Comes to Iran? (5 de Março)
Yossi Klein Halevi, The New Republic

Obama to Iran & Israel: I Don't Bluff (5 de Março)
Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

Will China Stop Iran? (5 de Março)
Joel Wuthnow, The Diplomat

Iran: quo vadis? (5 de Março)
Bülent Keneş, Today’s Zaman

Not Time to Attack Iran (Março)
Colin H. Kahl, Foreign Affairs

Iran's Influence in the Americas (2 de Março)
Stephen Johnson, CSIS

Israeli Opinion and War With Iran (2 de Março)
Paul Pillar, The National Interest

The Upcoming Obama-Netanyahu Meeting and Iran’s Nuclear Program (2 de Março)
Natan B. Sachs, The Brookings Institution

Diplomacy Will Seal Iran's Fate (1 de Março)
Victor Kotsev, Asia Times

The Case for Letting Iran (Almost) Build a Bomb (1 de Março)
Brian Fung, The Atlantic

Tougher US Sanctions against Iran: Global Reactions and Implications (29 de Fevereiro)
M. Mahtab Alam Rizvi, Institute for Defense Studies

In Heavy Waters: Iran’s Nuclear Program, the Risk of War and Lessons from Turkey (24 de Fevereiro)
International Crisis Group

Iran and the Gulf Military Balance I: The Conventional and Asymmetric Dimensions (24 de Fevereiro)
Anthony H. Cordesman e Alexander Wilner, CSIS

What Happens After Israel Attacks Iran (24 de Fevereiro)
Ehud Eiran, Foreign Affairs

The European Union's Counterproductive Iran Sanctions (24 de Fevereiro)
Rory Miller, Foreign Affairs

Obama's Iran Options (24 de Fevereiro)
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

The Physics Research Center and Iran’s Parallel Military Nuclear Program (24 de Fevereiro)
Institute for Science and International Security

What Happens After Israel Attacks Iran (23 de Fevereiro)
Ehud Eiran, Foreign Affairs

Nuclear Realities (22 de Fevereiro)
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Iran Uses European Oil Dependence as Blackmail on Nukes (20 de Fevereiro)
Niall Ferguson, Newsweek

Why Iran Thinks It Needs the Bomb (20 de Fevereiro)
Ray Takeyh, Washington Post

How U.S.-Iran Standoff Looks from Iran (20 de Fevereiro)
Hossein Mousavian, Bloomberg

Iran Is Ready to Talk (14 de Fevereiro)
Dennis B. Ross, New York Times

On Iran, a stark choice (14 de Fevereiro)
Benny Morris, Los Angeles Times

China could teach India about power politics as Western pressure impacts trade with Iran (14 de Fevereiro)
Harsh V. Pant, Japan Times

The Iranian Threat to New York City (14 de Fevereiro)
Mitchell Silber, Wall Street Journal

A Measure of Iran's Desperation (13 de Fevereiro)
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

Iran-United States confrontation: strategic losers both (10 de Fevereiro)
Subhash Kapila, SAAG

No Hotline to Tehran (10 de Fevereiro)
Bilal Y. Saab, In the National Interest

How to Engage Iran (9 de Fevereiro)
Hossein Mousavian, Foreign Affairs

U.S. and Iranian Strategic Competition: The Impact of China and Russia (6 de Fevereiro)
Anthony H. Cordesman e Brandon Fite, CSIS

Supremely Irrelevant (25 de Janeiro)
Colin H. Kahl, Foreign Policy

How Iran Can Help Give a Boost to Reset (25 de Janeiro)
Elkhan Nuriyev, The Moscow Times

The deal the West could strike with Iran (23 de Janeiro)
Peter Jenkins, Daily Telegraph

A nuclear Iran is no existential threat (23 de Janeiro)
Bruce Riedel, Daily Star

Confronting Iran in a Year of Elections (21 de Janeiro)
David Sanger, New York Times

Stop the Madness (19 de Janeiro)
Yousaf Butt, Foreign Policy

Cooperating with China on Iran (19 de Janeiro)
Erica Downs, German Marshall Fund of the US

Playing With Fire. German foreign policy and Iran’s nuclear weapons program (18 de Janeiro)
Joachim Krause, Internationale Politik

India’s Iran Dilemma: Nuclear Fuel or Crude Oil? (18 de Janeiro)
J Jeganaathan, IPCS

Recent Events in Iran and the Progress of Its Nuclear Program (17 de Janeiro)
Ray Takeyh e Matthew H. Kroenig, Council on Foreign Relations

Not Time to Attack Iran (17 de Janeiro)
Colin H. Kahl, Foreign Affairs

The Flawed Logic of Striking Iran (17 de Janeiro)
Alexandre Debs e Nuno P. Monteiro, Foreign Affairs

For the sake of avoiding all-out war with Iran... (16 de Janeiro)
Jeffrey Goldberg, Japan Times

An Embargo on Iranian Crude Oil Exports: How Likely and with What Impact? (15 de Janeiro)
Paul Stevens, Chatham House

Preventing a Nuclear Iran, Peacefully (15 de Janeiro)
Shibley Telhami and Steven Kull, New York Times

Saving face and peace in the Gulf (15 de Janeiro)
Anne-Marie Slaughter, European Voice

Iran’s Dangerous Game (13 de Janeiro)
Joe Klein, Time

Are Sanctions a Fatwa on Iran? (13 de Janeiro)
Yousaf Butt, National Interest

How Obama should talk to Iran (12 de Janeiro)
Trita Parsi, Washington Post

A Powerful Case for Force Against Iran (9 de Janeiro)
Max Boot, Commentary Magazine

Faut-il craindre une escalade dans le Golfe arabo-persique? (9 de Janeiro)
Bruno Tertrais, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique

Iran could be bluffing in the strait of Hormuz – but can US risk calling it? (5 de Janeiro)
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Obama's Counterproductive New Iran Sanctions (5 de Janeiro)
Suzanne Maloney, Foreign Affairs

The United States and Iran: The Arab Awakening Changes Everything (4 de Janeiro)
Suzanne Maloney, The Brookings Institution

The Real Iranian Threat in the Gulf (3 de Janeiro)
Michael Singh, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

An Embargo on Iranian Crude Oil Exports: How Likely and with What Impact? (Janeiro)
Paul Stevens, Chatham House

An Iranian Nuclear Breakout Is Not Inevitable (Janeiro)
Patrick Clawson, Washington Institute for Near East Studies

Iran and the Threat to "Close" the Gulf (30 de Dezembro)
Anthony H. Cordesman, CSIS

Israel and Iran. A Dangerous Rivalry (Dezembro)
Dalia Dassa Kaye, Alireza Nader e Parisa Roshan, RAND

Iran: stumbling into war (20 de Fevereiro)
The Guardian

Israel, Iran and the trust gap (14 de Fevereiro)
Washington Post

The Enablers (14 de Fevereiro)
New York Times

We want a deal with Iran, not a war (24 de Janeiro)
The Independent

Ajedrez iraní (24 de Janeiro)
El Pais

Stopping Iran's Nukes (15 de Janeiro)
Jerusalem Post

Running out of moves (14 de Janeiro)
The Economist

Iran: l'urgence d'un embargo pétrolier (23 de Janeiro)
Pierre Rousselin, Le Figaro

Will Iran Lash Out at Weak Israel? (7 de Janeiro)
Meir Javedanfar, The Diplomat

Iran's Bluster and Weakness 6 de Janeiro)
Benjamin Friedman, The National Interest

A secret nuclear test could be Iran’s trump card in Strait of Hormuz showdown (6 de Janeiro)
Peter Goodspeed, National Post

Emirats: Abou Dhabi rappelle son ambassadeur à Téhéran (12 de Abril)
L’Orient-le Jour

'Iran to offer new proposals at nuclear talks' (11 de Abril)
Jerusalem Post

Iran, EU say İstanbul to host nuclear talks on April 14 (9 de Abril)
Todays’ Zaman

U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Iran Talks (8 de Abril)
Sanger & Erlanger, New York Times

Istanbul to host crucial Iran summit (2 de Abril)
Hurriyet Daily News

Security Experts Debate Outlook for Nuclear Iran (23 de Março)
Awad Mustafa, The National

Iran Ready to Allow IAEA Access to Parchin Military Facility in Future (6 de Março)
Fars News

EU Oil Sanctions to Increase Iran's Oil Revenues $10bln (6 de Março)
Fars News

World powers agree to restart talks with Iran over nuclear program (6 de Março)

Report: Iran held nuclear test in N. Korea (5 de Março)
Ynet News

IAEA voices 'serious concerns' about possible military dimensions to Iran nuclear program (5 de Março)

U.S. warns against military action on Iran, imposes no new sanctions on Tehran (1 de Março)
Al Arabiya

Iran may be "struggling" with new nuclear machines (29 de Fevereiro)
Fredrik Dahl, Reuters

'US believes Iran not trying to build nuclear bomb' (24 de Fevereiro)
Ynet News

Iran stops oil sale to France and UK (20 de Fevereiro)

Iranians Split, 40% to 35%, on Nuclear Military Power (15 de Fevereiro)

Iran won't bow to Western threats of war (15 de Fevereiro)
China Daily

Some Eastern European states want Iran to scrap plan for oil embargo: MP (14 de Fevereiro)
Thearan Times

Iran Praises Nuclear Talks With Team From U.N. (31 de Janeiro)
Rick Gladstone, New York Times

EU points to oil reserves after Iran threat (27 de Janeiro)

Sanctions Against Iran Grow Tighter, but What’s the Next Step? (24 de Janeiro)
Helene Cooper, New York Times

EU sanctions on Iran peppered with exemptions (24 de Janeiro)

Iran says EU oil embargo psychological warfare (24 de Janeiro)
Daily Star

Meridor: Int'l coalition the way forward on Iran (24 de Janeiro)
Jerusalem Post

The Real Oil Shock (16 de Janeiro)
Makovsky & Goldstein, Weekly Standard

Has Israel Been Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists? (13 de Janeiro)
Eli Lake, Daily Beast

US senators warn Ashton on risk of Iran war (11 de Janeiro)

Iranian President Visits Venezuelan Ally (9 de Janeiro)
Radio Free Europe

US will respond if Iran blocks Strait of Hormuz: Panetta (9 de Janeiro)
Daily Times

Iran nuclear talks to resume in Turkey, Davutoğlu says (8 de Janeiro)
Today’s Zaman

Iran begins enriching uranium underground (8 de Janeiro)
Deutsche Welle

Reckless talk of war with Iran makes confrontation a probability (7 de Janeiro)
Trita Parsi, The Independent