China e Olimpíadas

29 | Agosto | 2008


Five Ways Beijing Will Be the Biggest, Baddest Olympics Ever
Foreign Policy

Know your Olympics
David Goldblatt, Prospect Magazine

Confrontos no Tibete (Abril 2008)


Peddling influence with Fiji (29 de Agosto)
Alan Goodall, Japan Times

China’s Olympic Run – II (29 de Agosto)
Pallavi Aiyar, Yale lobal

La resaca olímpica (29 de Agosto)
Xulio Rios, El Pais

China's post-Olympic challenge: finding a certain moral force (28 de Agosto)
Orville Schell, Daily Star

China’s Olympic Run (27 de Agosto)
Mary Kay Magistad, Yale Global

Showcasing best of China (27 de Agosto)
Ramesh Thakur, Japan Times

A Biblical Seven Years (27 de Agosto)
Thomas L. Friedman, Der Spiegel

Divagaciones sobre los Juegos Olímpicos (27 de Agosto)
Francisco Bustelo, El Pais

China's apologists are wide-eyed and clueless (27 de Agosto)
Martin Samuel, Times

Past presents problems for Tibet (27 de Agosto)
Karine Gagne, Francois Pesant and Denis Burke, Asia Times

Chine 2008: succès et défis (26 de Agosto)
Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Le Monde

We Can Help China Embrace the Future (26 de Julho)
Tony Blair, Wall Street Journal

'Show of Power,' Indeed (26 de Julho)
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Fun and Games (26 de Julho)
Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

Beijing Sports Wrap: My Top 20 (26 de Julho)
Mark Starr, Newsweek

China’s synchronised anachronism (26 de Julho)
Tion Kwa, Daily Times

China is changing, but the walls against the West are still there (26 de Julho)
Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph

PD Online exclusive Interview of Jacques Rogge (25 de Agosto)
Entrevista com Jacques Rogge, People's Daily

Chinese 'oldies' who raised the bar for caring (25 de Agosto)
Tom Plate, Japan Times

China showed the world that it's out of sync (25 de Agosto)
Tion Kwa, Japan Times

Ties with Russia will help London challenge Beijing (25 de Agosto)
Ken Livingstone, RIA Novosti

De Pekín a Seúl, la hora de la filosofia (25 de Agosto)
Víctor Gómez Pin, El Pais

Brand Britain is becoming counterfeit (25 de Agosto)
Jim White, Daily Telegraph

Soft Power and the Beijing Olympics (24 de Agosto)
Joseph Nye, RealClearWorld

Two Countries, Different Aims (24 de Agosto)
Shashi Tharoor, Washington Post

China's One World? (24 de Agosto)
James Lyons, Washington Times

China's Totalitarian Games (24 de Agosto)
Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

China's dilemma: balancing the individual and the collectivity (23 de Agosto)
Vishakha N. Desai, Daily Star

Jihad and Gentle Resistance in the Wild West (22 de Agosto)
Andreas Lorenz, Der Spiegel

For China's Uighurs, Games a World Away (22 de Agosto)
Anna Bodner, Taipei Times

The Olympics: was China ready? (22 de Agosto)
Li Datong, Open Democracy

The Crackdown to Come (22 de Agosto)
Willy Lam, Wall Street Journal

Sudan's crimes, China, and losing the moral high ground (22 de Agosto)
David M. Crane, Daily Star

Le dalaï-lama : le feu sous la neige (21 de Agosto)
Jean-Marie Guénois, Le Figaro

Le dalaï-lama dénonce "le projet de répression brutale" au Tibet (21 de Agosto)
Le Monde

The Beijing games and America's new Sputnik moment (21 de Agosto)
Jamie F. Metzl, Daily Star

New 'Tang' Dynasty for rapidly rising China? (21 de Agosto)
Vishakha N. Desai, Japan Times

Beijing's cool youngsters enjoy a breath of fresh Olympic air (21 de Agosto)
Simon Barnes, Times

China’s Rise Goes Beyond Gold Medals (21 de Agosto)
Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times

China changes itself: an Olympics report (20 de Agosto)
Kerry Brown, Open Democracy

Social well-being a striking aspect of life in modern Tibet (20 de Agosto)
Parvathi Menon, The Hindu

China needs its Screaming Lord Sutch (20 de Agosto)
Jonathan Fenby, Times

The Real China Threat (20 de Agosto)
Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post

Watch the post-Game meddling (19 de Agosto)
Hugh Cortazzi, Japan Times

A new Tang Dynasty (19 de Agosto)
Vishakha N Desai, Daily Times

Ma goes for Taiwan gold in matters of trust (19 de Agosto)
Tom Plate, Japan Times

China's slow march toward a normal society (18 de Agosto)
Frank Ching, Japan Times

Why I'll stay away from the opening ceremony of the Olympics (8 de Agosto)
Ai Weiwei, The Guardian

Smog in Beijing (8 de Agosto)
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

The reality behind China's Olympic image of modernity (8 de Agosto)
Edward McMillan-Scott, The Guardian

Games without the politics (8 de Agosto)
Khaled Diab, The Guardian

La China global (8 de Agosto)
Manel Ollé, El Pais

I chose not to stay in Beijing for the games - it is a city drained of joy (8 de Agosto)
Sun Shuyun, The Guardian

An Olive Branch From the Dalai Lama (7 de Agosto)
Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times

El Partido Chino manipula a Occidente (7 de Agosto)
Guy Sorman, ABC

Blinded By the Firewall (7 de Agosto)
John Kamm, Washington Post

China is a power to be watched, but not feared (7 de Agosto)
Malcolm Rifkind, Daily Telegraph

Beijing reality show (7 de Agosto)
Heather Havrilevsky, Los Angeles Times

Stop criticizing China, it has come so far (7 de Agosto)
Lijia Zhang, Japan Times

Pyrrhic Olympic Victory for China (7 de Agosto)
Boris Kagarlitsky, The Moscow Times

Terrorism and the Games (7 de Agosto)
Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times

Don't Forget About China's Dissidents (7 de Agosto)
Ellen Bork, WS Journal

The reality of China's jihadist threat (6 de Agosto)
Jason Burke, The Guardian

China’s Gold Rush (6 de Agosto)
Matthew Forney, New York Times

How Chairman Mao led China to humiliation (6 de Agosto)
George Walden, Times

La Chine face à la menace islamiste (6 de Agosto)
Didier Chaudet, Le Figaro

China a great power? Then make a deal with the Dalai Lama (6 de Agosto)
Edward Friedman, Daily Star

Pour des JO de Pékin "réussis" (6 de Agosto)
Daniel Vernet, Le Monde

Has China got a terrorist problem? (5 de Agosto)
Rosemary Righter, Times

Rose-tinted reflections (5 de Agosto)
Yiyi Lu, The Guardian

The Olympic Games in China have put Beijing on another planet (5 de Agosto)
Jim White, Daily Times

Three Olympic events to characterize China (5 de Agosto)
Tom Plate, Japan Times

China Shouldn’t Be Inscrutable (4 de Agosto)
Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek

Calling China's Human Rights Bluff (4 de Agosto)
Jim Hoagland, Washington Post

Beijing Under Wraps (4 de Agosto)
Jen Lin-Liu, New York Times

What Bush Should Ask for in Beijing (4 de Agosto)
Sasha Gong, Washington Post

Behind the scenes in Beijing (4 de Agosto)
Catherine Sampson, The Guardian

Beijing’s Olympic-Sized Catch-22 (Agosto)
Victor D. Cha, The Washington Quarterly

The Beijing Olympics (Agosto)
David Goldblatt, Prospect Magazine

Better for China to allow journalists freedom (31 de Julho)
Frank Ching, Japan Times

Olympic Games show China through a glass, darkly (31 de Julho)
Jonathan Fenby, Times

Its green medal hopes are lost but Beijing must race on (31 de Julho)
Isabel Hilton, The Guardian

Kyoto's airy promises (31 de Julho)
Ed Feulner, Washington Times

Money Can't Buy Tibetan Love (31 de Julho)
Glyn Ford, Japan Times

Iraqis will compete in Beijing (31 de Julho)
Maria Appakova, RIA Novosti

Much attention, but not the sort Beijing bargained for (28 de Julho)
Richard N. Haass, Daily Star

China's Rise, From Mao to Now (28 de Julho)
John Pomfret, Washington Post

The Road From Rome (26 de Julho)
David Maraniss, Newsweek

Who’ll Stop the Rain? (26 de Julho)
Sharon Begley, Newsweek

Why Beijing is standing by its basket-case friends (16 de Julho)
Richard Spencer, Daily Telegraph

Big Brother versus YouTube: let the Beijing Games Commence (16 de Julho)
Mark Leonard, Spectator

Count-Down to Beijing Olympics-II (13 de Julho)
B. Raman, SAAG

No Olympic Medal for Bush (11 de Julho)
Ronan O'sullivan Farrow, WS Journal

Le dialogue avec la Chine doit être européen (11 de Julho)
François Hauter, Le Figaro

China wins its first Olympics victory (9 de Julho)
Pallavi Aiyar, The Hindu Times

Rumors and riots (8 de Julho)
Minxin Pei, International Herald Tribune

China's Olympic Nightmare. What the Games Mean for Beijing's Future (Julho)
Elizabeth C. Economy e Adam Segal, Foreign Affairs

Olympic Art & Artífice (Julho)
Geremie R. Barmé, The American Interest

Quenching Olympic Thirst (Junho)
China Security

Protest and Policing: Challenges for the Beijing Olympics (Junho)
Chen Yali, China Security

China and the Olympics: Expect the Unexpected (Maio)
Kerry Brown, The World Today

Beijing Is Haunted by Olympic Ghosts (Abril)
Gudrun Wacker, SWP

The Right Way to Pressure Beijing (Abril)
William F. Schulz, Foreign Policy

With Repression in Tibet, Rethink Olympics (18 de Março)
John J. Tkacik, Jr., Heritage Foundation

The Beijing Olympics: A focus for Chinese diplomacy (Março)
The International Institute For Strategic Studies

Y ahora qué? (29 de Agosto)
El Pais

Olympics not all gold (26 de Julho)
Japan Times

Triumph of excellence (26 de Julho)
The Hindu

The price of China's Olympic Games (26 de Julho)
LA Times

Pékin: et après? (25 de Julho)
Le Monde

Glory belongs to the great Olympics (25 de Agosto)
People's Daily

Lessons for London (25 de Agosto)

Let us prepare for a properly British Games (25 de Agosto)
Daily Telegraph

It's the sport, stupid (25 de Agosto)
The Guardian

The big loser in Beijing: human rights (24 de Agosto)
International Herald Tribune

Games Behind Bars (22 de Agosto)
Washington Post

China gets its 'rise' – but not the world's respect (22 de Agosto)
CS Monitor

Reporting in Beijing (22 de Agosto)
Wall Street Journal

L'aveu chinois (21 de Agosto)
Le Monde

The human rights games (8 de Agosto)
The Guardian

China se pone en pie (8 de Agosto)
El Pais

Olympic Games: the world comes to China (8 de Agosto)

The Beijing Games (8 de Agosto)
WS Journal

Stakes high as Beijing Games begin (8 de Agosto)
Daily Telegraph

Comprendre la Chine (8 de Agosto)
Le Figaro

Beijing's Games (8 de Agosto)
Washington Post

Beijing Olympics: top of the pole (7 de Agosto)

China's political Games (7 de Agosto)
Boston Globe

China, a examen (5 de Agosto)

Chine et Occident, les yeux dans les yeux (4 de Agosto)
Le Figaro

Great expectations (4 de Agosto)
Los Angeles Times

Les deux visages de la Chine (31 de Julho)
Le Figaro

More Pressure on Beijing (31 de Julho)
New York Times

China's Olympic Cops (28 de Julho)
Wall Street Journal

The Olympics are the world's, not just China's (10 de Julho)
People's Daily

Everyone is responsible for a safe Olympics (9 de Julho)
People's Daily

An Olympic Fiasco (Março)
The New Atlantis

After Glow of Games, What Next for China? (25 de Agosto)
Jim Yardley, New York Times

EU 'wins' 2008 Olympic games (25 de Agosto)
Philippa Runner, EUObserver

China urges France to respect its concern over Tibet-related issues (21 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Games increases global understanding of China (21 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Olympics not to be the dividing crest for China's economy (20 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

5 Americans Are Arrested for Protest in Beijing (20 de Agosto)
Andrew Jacobs and Colin Moynihan, New York Times

Beijing Games honors Israeli atheletes slain in Munich in 1972 (19 de Agosto)
Uzi Dann, Haaretz

Would-Be Protesters Detained in China (19 de Agosto)
Andrew Jacobs, New York Times

77 applications, no protests at Beijing Games (19 de Agosto)
China Daily

Olympics: American Christians protest over confiscated Bibles (18 de Agosto)
Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

Olympics not to become watershed of China's economic development (17 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Stadium designer attacks autocratic China (8 de Agosto)
Steven Morris, The Guardian

For China, It's Showtime (8 de Agosto)
Washington Post

Bush y Sarkozy exigen a China libertad y Zapatero sigue en silencio (8 de Agosto)

Bush Calls On Myanmar, China To Respect Rights (8 de Agosto)
Radio Free Europe

Most EU leaders stay away from Olympic ceremony (8 de Agosto)
Philippa Runner, EUObserver

Chinese president thanks world for Olympic support, quake relief (8 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Putin wishes Beijing Olympics great success (7 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

President Bush condemns China human rights record on eve of Olympics (7 de Agosto)

Beijing Olympics organizers play host to political games too (7 de Agosto)
Los Angeles Times

Sarkozy joue la décrispation en un voyage éclair (7 de Agosto)
Le Figaro

China’s Leaders Are Resilient in Face of Change (7 de Agosto)
Jim Yardley, New York Times

Jihadists intent on year of mourning, Chinese say (6 de Agosto)
The Guardian

Olympic torch arrives in Beijing (6 de Agosto)

Olympics: Britons and Americans arrested over Tibet protests (6 de Agosto)
The Guardian

President Musharraf cancels trip to China as impeachment looms (6 de Agosto)

China: how desperation destroyed ideas of harmony on the New Frontier (6 de Agosto)

Los cuatro fantasmas del régimen (6 de Agosto)
El Pais

China's Summer of Living Dangerously (5 de Agosto)
Ullrich Fichtner, Der Spiegel

China tries to put its best face forward (5 de Agosto)
Willy Lam, Asia Times

Beijing jittery after attack on police (5 de Agosto)
Asia Times

China on Olympic terror alert after border attack (5 de Agosto)
Jonathan Watts e Tania Branigan, The Guardian

Pékin veut rassurer sur la sécurité des Jeux (5 de Agosto)
Le Monde

Grenade attack turns Beijing fears into deadly reality (5 de Agosto)
Jane Macartney, Times

Western menace (5 de Agosto)
The Economist

Getting in Shape for Games, China Strengthens Ties With Neighbors (5 de Agosto)
Edward Wong, New York Times

Bush Says It's 'Important to Engage' China (5 de Agosto)
Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post

Brazilian president hails Beijing Olympics, Brazil-Chinaties (4 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Savoring the Olympic Spotlight (4 de Agosto)
Jill Drew, Washington Post

As China Girds for Olympics, New Violence (4 de Agosto)
New York Times

À Pékin, les Jeux de la démesure (4 de Agosto)
Le Figaro

China considers giving migrant workers election rights in cities (4 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

Myanmar PM to attend Beijing Olympic Games (4 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

China’s Hu pledges post-Olympic reforms (1 de Agosto)
Financial Times

Bush: U.S.-China relations "good" and "important" (1 de Agosto)
People’s Daily

China lifts internet firewall in time for Olympics (1 de Agosto)

If That Doesn't Clear the Air… (1 de Agosto)
Maureen Fan, Washington Post

Defiant China Says Internet Censorship To Remain During Olympics (31 de Julho)
Radio Free Europe

China accuses US of trying to sabotage Olympics (31 de Julho)
The Guardian

La Chine verrouille ses Jeux (31 de Julho)
Le Figaro

China’s Agony of Defeat (26 de Julho)
Orville Schell, Newsweek

China to beef up inspections at NKorean border (22 de Julho)
Kwang-Tae Kim, Washington Post

Taking Away Olympic Fun
Mary Hennock e Manuela Zoninsein, Newsweek

German Ex-Chancellor Schroeder to Attend Olympics Opening (16 de Julho)
Deutsche Welle

Senior leader: China to ensure media freedom during Olympics (11 de Julho)
People’s Daily

Represión en China a un mes de los Juegos (11 de Julho)

Les tensions entre Paris et Pékin ravivées par les propos de l'ambassadeur chinois (10 de Julho)
Le Monde

Sarkozy to Attend Olympic Ceremony Instead of Boycotting (9 de Julho)
Deutsche Welle

Pékin menace Paris de représailles si Nicolas Sarkozy rencontre le Dalaï-Lama (9 de Julho)
Le Monde